NE2OX - transformer based mutually independent dual stereo balanced summing amp
2x mutually independent stereo signal path amp/transformers like Neumann/Lawo/Filtek
one stereo balanced amp /and/ transformer for L side
one stereo balanced amp /and/ transformer for R side
Amp: based on NE5532 OPA similar as Neumann v475 range
Transformer: 2xOXFORD A2E/A7E with variable transformer colour by switch control (see the freq diagram)
Flat/Dark/Air switch option give the possibility to add/gain through transformer on different Freq/Response segments

designed and created by VintageMaker

summingbox 8.JPG
summingbox 2.JPG
summingbox 3.JPG
summingbox 7.JPG
summingbox 5.JPG