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However, for mono signals (such as kick, snares, lead vocals or bass that should appear centered in the middle of a mix), it would be a waste to use (Stereo L/R panned channels) what would amount to two required converters for a mono result. In such cases, channel pairs 1 & 2, 3 & 4 etc may be switched to mono mode (CH1 to 1-2), so that, for example, there might be a (mono) kick on channel 1, snare on channel 2 and bass on channel 3, etc.

simply route from daw a mono track as:

DAW Mono Bass:----   CH1 Left out   (interface1out)--------sum 1In
DAW Mono Bdrum:----CH1 Light out (interface 2out)--------sum 2In

than switch CH1 to mono - both (1-2) mono instruments appear centered in stereo field

Stereo to mono option: enable to switch a stereo input CH to (two) separate mono centered inputs

CH1 to 1-2 mono, CH2 to 3-4 mono, CH3 to 5-6 mono, CH4 to 7-8 mono and so on...
           OFF stage: works as standard stereo balanced inputs (CH1=L+R) with panorama control from DAW
           ON stage:  works as separate mono centered inputs without panorama  control.
Routing from DAW: send out CH1 Left mono track (bass) to summing CH1 Left send out CH1 Right mono track (bassdrum) to summing CH1 Right

           * with STM(Stereo to mono) option can save a lot of DAW interface out
           ** no need to waste precious stereo CH's for mono instruments like bass, sub bass, bassdrum etc.
           ***clarity of position in the stereo field (mono is true mono)