Desktop elegant boutique monitor controller – LittleMc – 4 In 4 Out – TRS DSUB


Handcrafted with premium components, LittleMc comes in a stylish desktop box Dark Bronze Mica with Wooden Dark Mahogany Oak

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Custom-built from quality components, the LittleMc is housed in an elegant desktop box (Dark Bronze Mica/Wooden Dark Mahogany Oak), providing a substantial and stylish presence. It features essential monitoring functions, including Phase Invert, Stereo, and Mono options read full description

Technical details:
  •     Solid state discrete circuit
  •     Fully Balanced from input to output
  •     2 x Stereo L/R balanced input by 1” TRS connections (primary ‘master’) A or B
  •     2 x Stereo L/R balanced out  by 1” TRS connections  (primary ‘master’) A or B
  •     2 x Stereo L/R input by DB25 Tascam (secondary) IN A :1L/2R and IN B: 3L /4R
  •     2 x Stereo L/R out by DB25 Tascam (secondary) OUTA: 5L/6R and OUTB: 7L/8R
  •     Total  insertion loss -6dB relative to 0dB
  •     A/B input source select by switch
  •     A/B output routing select by switch
  •     Phase invert on Right CH by switch
  •     Stereo/Mono switch
  •     Headphone out designed for Headphone amp signal delivery purposes 1/4″ TRS –  Tip (Left) Ring (Right) Sleeve (Ground)
  •     *for the best performance you have to use external headphone amp because of the passive nature of the LittleMc
  •     *Attenuator effective work range on the Headphone out: -6dB to -35dB
  •     *Attenuator effective work range on the Line outputs: -6dB to -50dB
  •     Phone OUT: Signal strength depend of input signal source power and / or headphone consumption
  •     Phone OUT: Signal strength depend of source power +calculate the -6dB insertion loss of passive attenuator!
  •     Please note! – recommended to use headphone amp due to passive circuit  and attenuator -6dB insertion loss!
  •     Mute/Unmute switch
  •     Ground Lift option by rear side switch
  •     Balanced 1/4” TRS and DB25 Tascam balanced connections to sources and monitoring system
  •     Stereo/Mono switch
  •     Mute/Unmute switch
  •     All Passive, no power supply needed
  •     Compact and massive desktop enclosure
  •     21 step precision stereo Potentiometer SMD 21 step precision
  •     Attenuator range -6dB to -70dB
  •     Attenuator effective work range -6dB to -50dB
  •     Enclosure colour: Dark Bronze Mica
  •     Wooden Dark Mahogany Oak
  •     Silicone anti slip foot
  •     Technical Specifications
  •     Input impedance:     0-10K (Depends on your input impedance)
  •     Output impedance:  0-10K (Depends on your monitor impedance)
  •     Dimension:   Wx21cm; Dx17.5cm; Hx9.5cm;
  •     Weight:  1.4Kg


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