Add Analog Warmth to Your digital Mixes - Mix in Analog your DAW synth drum machine!

Desktop Summing Mixers - Studio Monitor Controllers - Custom Designed Professional Studio Equipment

Desktop Summing Mixer

89 € +shipping  (basic setup price)

passive audio controller little knob

Desktop Monitor Controller

110 € +shipping  (basic setup price)

Rackmount Passive Mixer & Controller

Custom Passive Summing - Studio Monitor Controller

1U Passive Summing Mixer

399 € +shipping  (basic setup price)

Active Summing Mixer

Neumann Lawo Filtek 2in1 active/passive Mixers

16 input stereo balanced in out Haufe transformers

Filtek Mixer

699 € +shipping  (basic setup price)

ssl style sound

Lawo Summing

769 € +shipping  (basic setup price)

Sommateur analogique vendre

Neumann Summing Mixer

779 € +shipping  (basic setup price)


1Unit Rack Summing 16 - 64 Input

no price indicated unique audio - ask for price

16 Input Channel Mixer

1u summing mixer

24 Input Channel Mixer

Haufe input transformer coupled duscrete summing mixer
Neumann 2B Summing Mixer all style
32 Input Channel Mixer
1u summing mixer box 8
vintage summing mixer

2Unit Rack Summing 16 - 94 Input

unique studio mixers - ask for price

16 Input Channel

master insert master A/P 4 stereo to mono, master mono
3in1 summing Neumann -Lawo - Passive mode switch
2U 16 input summing with monitor control section xlr

24 Input Channel

dual out control potentiometer ch insert master insert
24 in xlr dsub mixer
master insert send return TRS
2U summing 24 input TRS balanced xlr out

32 Input Channel

vintage maker analog summing mixer 7
my own summing
analog mixer studio summing
32 input TRS 6 x stereo Insert return 3 x trs out
40 - 64 Channel
4 x stereo to 8 mono master insert master active passive switch
Neumann summing
mixer input dsub trs in trs xlr out neumann mixer
64 in 32 TRS + 32 D-SUB summing XLR TRS out
64 - 96 Input Channel
4 x master insert 16 mono switch
2u 96 input studio mixer
48 in master sum 48 in slave sum
2u 96 channel mixer summing 10 x insert

3Unit Rack Summing 24 - 56 Input

special designed audio equipment - ask for price

24 - 32 Input Channel Mixer

Matrix Summing Mixer
3u 64 channel mixer summing insert studio mastering
d-sub input xlr out summing box

32 - 56 Input Channel Mixer

32 input dsub xlr out dual balanced stereo
64 Group Matrix Summing Mixer
16 ch insert mixed inputs dsub trs
56 input d-sub trs summing mixer 16 trs out


19-inch rack Passive Summing 8 - 64 Input

no price indicated unique audio - ask for price

8 - 16 Input Summing

insert A or B select switch 2 x stereo to mono balanced
Summing Mixer Dual Insert Send
20 - 24 Input Mixer
4 x stereo to mono input conversion
2u 19-inch rack mixer with master insert
32 - 48 Input Channel
2xSTM dual stereo discrete balanced
32 input passive
64 Input Channel Mixer
64 input passive summing mixer
Passive summing mixer 2U Rack
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