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Studio Summing Mixer Monitor Controller Analog stereo Summierer und Mischer Sommatore Analogico Sumador Analógico

“I should firstly like to say something in defence of my VM Mixer,Vintage Maker is my best choice for sound engineer wants a real analog summing with custom components. VM is a piece of gear of my entire process. As explained, the main difference is the 3D spatial effect created with phase summing in analog world” read more about

Summing Mixers - Customer Studio Photos Gallery

“My clients love it, too, and many returning customers ask/demand for the mix to be run through the analog summing mixer/s. I even have clients coming in because of this equipment (one particular client did his own research and came because of the VintageMaker brand; that job alone paid for the units several times over…).” read more

Best Custom built analog summing mixers

The Vintage Maker Summing Mixer made my mixes sound “wider” and “deeper”

and dare I say, there was a certain “sweetness” that in-the-box mixing does not give you.

So the colors available though analog summing did shine through in the end (although mine was more of a hybrid mixing process) and if you’ve spent substantial time and effort tweaking your mixes as I have, it might behoove you to visit a studio like Pughouse for what I’d like to call “post-processing” before your down mix. read more

1U Passive Studio Monitor Controllers

1U Passive Studio Summing Mixers

Monitor Controller and 8x2 Summing Mixer Hybrid

Go with a vintage maker. Great guy with fantastic sounding summing mixers at a very reasonable cost. You can get an many channels and options you want.” Gearslutz

Paul makes some amazing high quality summing mixers

I’ve owned the Dangerous 2 Buss and the Roll Folcrom and this easily holds its own with those units.

The real deal maker is that you can get a custom built one that suits your exact needs. 

The international shipping was very fast to the West Coast USA, and the build time was within a week for my specific custom needs.  I’m so glad I came across Paul’s stuff. Definitely a great choice!! 

Mike Castonguay

MixBus MultiBus Matrix Passive Summing Mixer

Designed for Neve 1073 Mic Preamp/EQ – and Avalon VT-737SP and Neumann TLM 103
Designed for Neve and Avalon preamps this Passive summing box is a 16 channel analog summing mixer with four Matrix group send A B C D 4x8 = 32/ 16 stereo channels, stereo to mono input conversion, four 4 x master inserts in chain. The active amplification is performed externally by legendary Neve 1073 Mic Preamp/EQ - and Avalon VT-737SP and Neumann TLM 103.


  • 2U Rack Unit
  • 16 input TRS Balanced
  • 1xStereo out TRS Balanced L/R (OUTA)
  • 1xStereo out XLR Balanced L/R (OUTB)
  • 2x Stereo to mono switch = 4 mono
  • Multi insert/send/return/bypass switch option TRS 
  • 4 x (SNDA/SNDB/SNDC/SNDD)- horizontal switch layout
  • 8 x Master Sum / Group Sum select switch
  • 4 x 8 = 32 ABCD Group Matrix 
  • ABCD Group send TRS balanced L/R
  • ABCD Group return TRS balanced L/R  
  • Matrix Return A/B stereo to Mono
  • Master Stereo to Mono option by switch
  • Gratis engrave: “designed for CHO Yong uk by VintageMaker”
  • -25dB insertion loss (designed for Neve 1073)


32 In / 10 Out - MultiBus MixBus Matrix - "Brauerize" on Neumann Summing Mixer

MultiBus MixBus Matrix Neumann Summing Mixer

The VintageMaker products offer a very clean, 3d and transparent sound. The units are handcrafted with extreme care and are laser engraved. Overall, the VintageMaker units are damn classy looking units! These units do not just look pretty though, they sound like a dynamite! Separation, clarity, width, and so much more. What’s not to love when it comes to taking an ITB mix and /  but turning into that open and pristine analog console sound! read more about

Fixed Group Insert Send MultiBus Lawo Summing Mixer

2U Standard Rack Unit
Lawo DV 975 NOS
1×21 Step precision Lawo Master gain potentiometer vintage style black knobs

16 input via TRS balanced

MultiBus ABCD Group slave sum section:
Group A: 1-8 TRS
Group B: 9-12 TRS
Group C: 13-14 TRS
Group D: 15-16 TRS

MultiBus Group SND/RET via sw:
Group A: SND/RET Switch
Group B: SND/RET Switch
Group C: SND/RET Switch
Group D: SND/RET Switch

MultiBus 3xSTM:(after return)
Group A: after RET STM Switch
Group B: after RET STM Switch
Group C: after RET STM Switch
Group D: after RET STM Switch

Master SUM Section:
Master Active/Passive via Switch
Master 3x Multi SND/RET via TRS Balanced
Master Stereo to Mono switch
3xMaster stereo out by TRS balanced
Power LED: Red
110-240VAC to 24VDC PSU EU Plug

16 channel insert Neumann summing mixer TRS/TRS

This Summing Mixer own the legendary sound of Neumann summing for computer-based producers in a 16 channel format using transformer mixing topology from legendary Neumann Haufe

Lawo DV975 16x6 D-SUB in XLR out

Designed by Paul Taylor aka Vintage Maker, this summing box is a 24 channel analog summing mixer, with stereo to mono input conversion, dual mode as active and passive and with master insert. The active amplification is performed by legendary Lawo DV975 - similar with ssl sound, clean, transparent and huge harmonic content with great headroom.

2U Standard Rack Unit
Lawo DV975 NOS

24 input by DB25 Tascam Standard Balanced
3 x Stereo 6 out by XLR balanced (Main/Monitor)

4 x STM by switch 1-8 = 8 mono (First 8 channels)
1×21 step (one) precision Lawo master gain potentiometer
vintage white knobs

Power LED: Green
100-240VAC to 18-24VDC PSU (EU/UK/US plug)
Master Active/Passive 2in1 by switch
Master Send/return by switch via TRS balanced
“Vintage Maker Summing Mixer”
“Solar Studios”

32x8 Neumann 3U Rack 32 Channel insert summing mixer

Designed by Vintage Maker, this 3 U rack unit Neumann summing box is a 32 channel analog summing mixer, with channel 32 insert send return and master insert combined with studio monitor controller

3U Standard Rack Unit

32 input by TRS Balanced
Expansion stereo input L/R

4x Stereo output by TRS balanced OUTA / OUT B / OUT C / OUT D
2x ON/OFF switch for OUTA / OUT B (monitors)
4x Stereo to Mono input switch conversion 1/2,3/4,5/6,7/8 = 8 mono
32 CH 16 Stereo insert by Return enable (16 stereo) Switch
32 CH 16 Stereo SEND by TRS Balanced
32 CH 16 Stereo RETURN TRS Balanced

Master Active/Passive by Switch
Master Send/Return by Switch via TRS balanced
Master Stereo to Mono switch

2×21 Step precision Neumann master gain control pot L/R
*regular round black knobs
1×21 Step Precision attenuator on out D
*regular round black knobs
Direct Monitoring switch on ST 1/2
Power LED: Blue
110-240VAC to 18VDC PSU EU/UK/US Plug
Designed for Ben Barker by Vintage Maker


Neumann 32 input 4xGroup Sum Summing Mixer D-Sub input TRS output

MIXARE IN ANALOGICO DIRETTAMENTE DALLA TUA DAW! l'idea è di controllare i livelli, i pan, eq e mandate effetti del tuo mix con la DAW e mandare 8-16-32-64 o più tracce o sub-mix al sommatore, così da gestire solo la somma nel dominio analogico.

Filtek group sum Summing Mixer D-Sub TRS input TRS output

Setup configuration 

  • 1U Rack unit
  • Active/Passive both 2in1 by switch
  • Card: Filtek DV1175 NOS
  • 1×21 step Filtek master gain potentiometer
  • Number of Input channels: 16 in, 8 = DB25 / 8x TRS
  • Number of Output channel: 1xStereo L/R TRS Balanced
  • Stereo to Mono input conversion switch: 4x  = 8mono
  • Sub Group mixing: 1-4 with 2xSTM = 4 mono (1/2 and 3/4)
  • Sub Group mixing: 5-8 with 2xSTM = 4 mono (5/6 and 7/8)
  • Sub Group mixing: 1-4 and 5-8 = 2 sub groups in total. 
  • Input 1-4 – SNDA/RETA by TRS balanced
  • Input 5-8 – SNDB/RETB by TRS balanced
  • Channels 9-16 No sub group mixing
  • POWER LED: Blue
  • Button – Knob Style: Round
  • Power Supply : 220VAC to 24VDC PSU EU Plug

Analog Summierer und Mischer 8 kanal

8 channel passive mixer
Solid state analog und stereo symmetrisch aufgebauter Signalpfad

Balanced Line Attenuator

8 channel balanced line attenuator volume control

Volume Controller 6 in 6 out - 3 stereo in 3 stereo out balanced

6x6 TRS Studio Monitor Controller

6 input 3 stereo in Balanced Line Attenuator

6 channel in 6 ch out XLR balanced line attenuator audio switcher volume control phase InvR + Mono


1U Standard Rack unit
3x Stereo Balanced XLR input L/R (total 6 in)
3x Stereo Balanced XLR output L/R (total 6 out)  
Select input  by 3 pos rotary switch A or B or C in
Select out by 3 pos rotary switch A or B or C out
21 step precision master gain attenuator
Master Stereo to mono switch
Phase InvR switch

1U Rack Studio Monitor Controller 4 input to 6 output phase mono

2U Rack Studio Monitor Controller 6 input to 10 output phase mono

BENUTZERDEFINIERTE AUDIO Neumann Summierer and Mischer

Speziell entwickelte  Summieren  mixer – Studio-Monitor-Controller, die speziell für Ihre Anforderungen als Aufnahmestudio, kommerzielles Aufnahmestudio oder Post Produktionsanlage entwickelt wurden. Bauen wir Ihre einzigartige analoge Ausrüstung auf!
Von 4 Eingang – bis zu 96 Eingangskanal

Warum analoges Summieren? Weil du wie ein Profi klingen willst! Guter Sound verkauft und macht den besten ersten Eindruck Ihrer Musik. Das ist vor allem in der modernen Musik wichtig. Erzeugt auch 1., 2., 3. Harmonische sowie Sättigung, wodurch der Klang farbiger wird, wärmer, fetter, reicher. Analoges Summing – Verständnisfragen analog summieren.

2U Standard Rack Unit
Neumann 2B NOS

32 inputs DB25 Tascam Analog Balanced

2 x TRS stereo master out: Main Rec / Monitor
2 x ON/OFF switch (OUTA / OUTB) output control

Master Active/Passive both 2in1
Master Insert/Send/Return TRS via bypass switches
2 x Stereo to Mono input on 1/2 and 9/10 mono switch = 4 mono

4 x Stereo Send DSUB 1/2 9/10 21/22 23/24
4 x Stereo Return DSUB 1/2 9/10 21/22 23/24
4 x Bypass switch on : 1/2, 9/10, 21/22, 23/24

2×21 Step Precision Neumann master gain control L/R
*regular round or vintage style knobs? (see example)

Blue Power LED
110v US plug (18VDC PSU)

“He is really a guy who is into the things he does. Every wish I mentioned was no problem for him, so I got my box (inkl. my Name on the front panel and a blue Power-LED!).

My box is summing 32 inputs (16×2), has 2 Stereo-Outs and uses Lawo-Transformers and what can I say: it does exactly what I was looking for. Every little thing, every detail in the mix – instruments, voices, reverb, etc – seems to be placed right where I want it to be. “

Sandro Perri, Toronto CA

1U Standard rack unit
Neumann V475-2C
16 input DSUB Tascam Analog Balanced
3xStereo out TRS balanced out A/B/C
3 x ON/OFF switch for out A/B/C
8x Stereo to Mono switch = 16 mono
Master Active/Passive switch
Master (2x) Multi Insert Send/Return by switch via TRS balanced
Renamed as: “INSRT 1 / INSRT 2”
Master Stereo to Mono switch
Direct Monitoring – input to output switch / input 1/2
2×21 Step precision Neumann 2C master gain control
Vintage style white cream “chicken head” knob
PSU:110-240VAC to 24VDC PSU EU plug
Power LEd: Blue

2021 builds

What is it that the summing mixer do that i can’t do in my software?
So..yess, but / and so that is a really great question..
read more about analog summing mixer benefits…

Desktop controller and summing mixer

Custom Racking customer owned Neumann v475-2B & TAB V372/1D summing amp cards

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