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Best Custom built analog summing mixers

The Vintage Maker Summing Mixer made my mixes sound “wider” and “deeper”

and dare I say, there was a certain “sweetness” that in-the-box mixing does not give you.

So the colors available though analog summing did shine through in the end (although mine was more of a hybrid mixing process) and if you’ve spent substantial time and effort tweaking your mixes as I have, it might behoove you to visit a studio like Pughouse for what I’d like to call “post-processing” before your down mix. read more

1U Passive Studio Monitor Controllers

1U Passive Studio Summing Mixers

Monitor Controller and 8x2 Summing Mixer Hybrid

Go with a vintage maker. Great guy with fantastic sounding summing mixers at a very reasonable cost. You can get an many channels and options you want.” Gearslutz

Paul makes some amazing high quality summing mixers,

I’ve owned the Dangerous 2 Buss and the Roll Folcrom

and this easily holds its own with those units. The real deal maker is that you can get a custom built one that suits your exact needs. The international shipping was very fast to the West Coast USA, and the build time was within a week for my specific custom needs.  I’m so glad I came across Paul’s stuff. Definitely a great choice!! 

Mike Castonguay

MixBus MultiBus Matrix Passive Summing Mixer


  • 2U Rack Unit
  • 16 input TRS Balanced
  • 1xStereo out TRS Balanced L/R (OUTA)
  • 1xStereo out XLR Balanced L/R (OUTB)
  • 2x Stereo to mono switch = 4 mono
  • Multi insert/send/return/bypass switch option TRS 
  • 4 x (SNDA/SNDB/SNDC/SNDD)- horizontal switch layout
  • 8 x Master Sum / Group Sum select switch
  • 4 x 8 = 32 ABCD Group Matrix 
  • ABCD Group send TRS balanced L/R
  • ABCD Group return TRS balanced L/R  
  • Matrix Return A/B stereo to Mono
  • Master Stereo to Mono option by switch
  • Gratis engrave: “designed for CHO Yong uk by VintageMaker”
  • -25dB insertion loss (designed for Neve 1073)


MultiBus MixBus Matrix Neumann Summing Mixer

Fixed Group Insert Send MultiBus Lawo Summing Mixer

2U Standard Rack Unit
Lawo DV 975 NOS
1×21 Step precision Lawo Master gain potentiometer vintage style black knobs

16 input via TRS balanced

MultiBus ABCD Group slave sum section:
Group A: 1-8 TRS
Group B: 9-12 TRS
Group C: 13-14 TRS
Group D: 15-16 TRS

MultiBus Group SND/RET via sw:
Group A: SND/RET Switch
Group B: SND/RET Switch
Group C: SND/RET Switch
Group D: SND/RET Switch

MultiBus 3xSTM:(after return)
Group A: after RET STM Switch
Group B: after RET STM Switch
Group C: after RET STM Switch
Group D: after RET STM Switch

Master SUM Section:
Master Active/Passive via Switch
Master 3x Multi SND/RET via TRS Balanced
Master Stereo to Mono switch
3xMaster stereo out by TRS balanced
Power LED: Red
110-240VAC to 24VDC PSU EU Plug

Neumann 2A 16x6 D-SUB in XLR out

2U Standard Rack Unit
Lawo DV975 NOS
24 input by DB25 Tascam Standard Balanced
3 x Stereo 6 out by XLR balanced (Main/Monitor)
4 x STM by switch 1-8 = 8 mono (First 8 channels)
1×21 step (one) precision Lawo master gain potentiometer
vintage white knobs
Power LED: Green
100-240VAC to 18-24VDC PSU (EU/UK/US plug)
Master Active/Passive 2in1 by switch
Master Send/return by switch via TRS balanced
“Vintage Maker Summing Mixer”
“Solar Studios”

Neumann Summing Mixer D-Sub input XLR output


Neumann 32 input 4xGroup Sum Summing Mixer D-Sub input TRS output

MIXARE IN ANALOGICO DIRETTAMENTE DALLA TUA DAW! l'idea è di controllare i livelli, i pan, eq e mandate effetti del tuo mix con la DAW e mandare 8-16-32-64 o più tracce o sub-mix al sommatore, così da gestire solo la somma nel dominio analogico.

Filtek group sum Summing Mixer D-Sub TRS input TRS output

Setup configuration 

  • 1U Rack unit
  • Active/Passive both 2in1 by switch
  • Card: Filtek DV1175 NOS
  • 1×21 step Filtek master gain potentiometer
  • Number of Input channels: 16 in, 8 = DB25 / 8x TRS
  • Number of Output channel: 1xStereo L/R TRS Balanced
  • Stereo to Mono input conversion switch: 4x  = 8mono
  • Sub Group mixing: 1-4 with 2xSTM = 4 mono (1/2 and 3/4)
  • Sub Group mixing: 5-8 with 2xSTM = 4 mono (5/6 and 7/8)
  • Sub Group mixing: 1-4 and 5-8 = 2 sub groups in total. 
  • Input 1-4 – SNDA/RETA by TRS balanced
  • Input 5-8 – SNDB/RETB by TRS balanced
  • Channels 9-16 No sub group mixing
  • POWER LED: Blue
  • Button – Knob Style: Round
  • Power Supply : 220VAC to 24VDC PSU EU Plug

Analog Summierer und Mischer 8 kanal

8 channel passive mixer

Solid state analog und stereo symmetrisch aufgebauter Signalpfad

Balanced Line Attenuator

8 channel balanced line attenuator volume control

6 input 3 stereo in Balanced Line Attenuator

6 channel in 6 ch out XLR balanced line attenuator audio switcher volume control phase InvR + Mono


1U Standard Rack unit
3x Stereo Balanced XLR input L/R (total 6 in)
3x Stereo Balanced XLR output L/R (total 6 out)  
Select input  by 3 pos rotary switch A or B or C in
Select out by 3 pos rotary switch A or B or C out
21 step precision master gain attenuator
Master Stereo to mono switch
Phase InvR switch
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