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Hybrid Mixing Analog Summing

Hybrid mixing allows you to get the precision of the digital world

with the use of automation, clip gain, plug-ins and editing functions, while also adding the analog warmth by summing mixer and it provides absolute project repeatability from daw

A hybrid mixing setup gives you the best of both worlds. You can achieve the precision of digital tools like automation, plug-ins, and editing, while also infusing your mix with the warmth and personal touch of analog gear. It’s like blending the best of both in-the-box and out-of-the-box environments to craft the perfect sound.

Hybrid mixing is a technique that combines the precision and flexibility of digital processing with the warmth and character of analog summing. By using a summing mixer, you can add analog coloration and depth to your mix, while still retaining the precision and automation capabilities of digital processing. This approach can result in a more dynamic and natural-sounding mix, with improved depth and width, while also providing the ability to recall and reproduce the mix with precision using your DAW plugins.

matrix mixer

analog summing mixer mixbus matrix

Get the best sound of both pure analogue and digital sound in your favorite projects to get a good wide space in your final mix. Mixing is about creating a vibe, and a fantastic mix relies on the connection between the mixer and the music.

Why Still Use Analog Summing mixer?

While plug-ins like summing mixer plugin are becoming very close to the real deal, they are still just emulations of the gear we have all come to love. There is a magic that happens when a signal is passed through the analog circuit, a beautiful imperfection that can’t quite be matched by a plug-in.

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