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6 Channel Input Summing Mixer

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8 x stereo to 16 mono

6 ch input studio summing mixer

As a satisfied customer, I have to say that the VintageMaker summing mixer is simply amazing. Not only does it add tonal qualities that take me back to my days working with larger consoles, but it is also an incredible value for the money. The mono switch option is fantastic, and I am still experimenting and learning how to get the best out of it with my first mix using it.

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If you are serious about getting the best possible sound out of your mixes, I highly recommend the VintageMaker summing mixer. Don’t hesitate – buy it now! You won’t regret it.

The VintageMaker 6 Channel Analog Summing Mixer is a powerful and versatile device designed to provide exceptional sound quality and flexibility for your recording and mixing needs.

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This summing mixer features six balanced inputs and a single stereo output, allowing you to sum multiple audio signals into a single stereo mix. Its high-quality passive circuitry ensures maximum headroom and minimal noise, resulting in a clean and transparent sound that enhances the warmth and depth of your recordings.