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Guess that tells you how happy I am with the units…

I, too, find that using OTB summing makes a subtle, yet remarkable difference, especially in regard to clarity of position in the stereo field (and mono is true mono).

I love being able to create sub mixes/stems using the smaller summing mixers and running them through a variety of preamps for colour (or non-colour).

My clients love it, too, and many returning customers ask/demand for the mix to be run through the analog summing mixer/s. I even have clients coming in because of this equipment (one particular client did his own research and came because of the VintageMaker brand; that job alone paid for the units several times over…).

pughouse studios melbourne

I bought a Neumann 24/4 several years ago and have since bought another four 8/2 channel passive summing mixers.

Just had an enquiry for 5 days mixing, running stems through analog summing…

I even have clients coming in because of this equipment.

“I’m pretty intimate with my outboard gear and my setup allows me to utilize them efficiently to color a track in accordance to what it might need.” Indeed so. The artistry of Niko Schauble of Pughouse and his collection of vintage outboard EQs, compressors and preamps was exactly what I needed. I figured since I had already put in this much work, Niko’s warm boxes would be icing. The exported tracks from Singapore were imported into a ProTools station. Some of the reverbs were replaced with Sony Oxfords and Lexicon Native. Niko’s suggestion of using Sound Toy’s Echoboy turned out to be what some of my vocals needed for that slight touch of glimmer in the mix. The signal path went from the playback machine (ProTools) through an Apogee Symphony, into a Neumann Vintage Maker Summing Mixer and then out to a second system via an Apogee Duet (which essentially has the same converters as the Symphony) and was recaptured at 24 bit 96 kHz. This process was recommended by Joel and accommodated by Niko who actually went out and bought another Apogee module for my session! On the heavier tracks, we also ran through a pair of Neve 51 channel strips post summing mixer and the cleaner tracks were run through the Earthworks 1024. On the whole, I was pretty ecstatic about how the mixes turned out, punchy on the tracks that needed to be and shimmery on the cleaner acoustic ones.

I have always been reticent to use descriptions like “wide” and “deep” but what can I say?

The Vintagemaker made my mixes sound “wider” and “deeper”

and dare I say, there was a certain “sweetness” that in-the-box mixing does not give you. So the colors available though analog summing did shine through in the end (although mine was more of a hybrid mixing process) and if you’ve spent substantial time and effort tweaking your mixes as I have, it might behoove you to visit a studio like Pughouse for what I’d like to call “post-processing” before your down mix.”

You can read some testimonials on our website:  | Pughouse Studios |

Lastly, in regard to value for money and communication (Paul will discuss and build to your requests): I can’t recommend VintageMaker highly enough! Niko

PlethoraTone Music Studio

I auditioned a number of summing mixers over the years (SPL, Dangerous, Neve, and others), but this is the one that I chose to keep because of its outstanding sonics – I believe it’s wonderful sonic properties of the Neumann v475 that I’m drawn to. Paul Taylor of VintageMaker is a real gentleman and his summing mixer are enjoyed by a lot of folks in the audio community.

Let me introduce another one of PlethoraTone’s audio secret weapons: the amazing VintageMaker Neumann v475 stereo summing mixer. There’s an incredible total of 80 balanced line-level inputs – 24 TRS stereo pairs (48 total inputs), 16 mono TRS inputs, and two DSUB inputs with 8 channels each (16 total inputs). Via this configuration we were never short-changed, and the results were effective when using as few as 8-stereo channels, as well.

Our day to day studio configuration for years used the 24 1/4” TRS stereo pairs and all 16 DSUB inputs – these were connected via a normalized patchbay to the outputs of our 64-channel Pro Tools HD rig. It was a wonderful option, and you’ll enjoy the VintageMaker, too.

This cornucopia of analog inputs are passively summed together and then routed into the amazing Neumann v475 duale stereo transformer summing amplifier. Input and output transformers from Haufe all within a gorgeous sounding Neumann gain stage create a depth and sonic detail that “glues” mix together.

The master L/R insert is the perfect place for a buss comp, EQ, and any other analog processing you want to strap across the stereo buss. Beautiful front panel controls provide the elegant and simple interface for sculpting great mixes. A pair of balanced stereo outputs is a nice addition for monitoring and recording audio paths, too.

Mark at PlethoraTone


Patrick Schneider – Composer – Switzerland

Since 2020 I’m using a Vintage Maker 16 Channel active Summing Mixer with a v475-2C Neumann Amp.

My new Monitoring Controller is a Little MC 2×2.

For many years I was composing and demo mixing all tracks in a Box with an active Monitoring. After
working with Producers in Los Angeles using SSL Consoles, I was convinced to re-design my
compositing environment for analogue Summing. One big challenge was to find an affordable read more….



JGR Studios awarded on hundreds albums with Andrea Bocelli, Ennio Morricone, Steven Mercurio, Rita Ora, Ariana Grande, Kevin Costner, Kacey Musgraves, MIMS, Queen, Beyoncè, Pink, David Sylvian, Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Macalpine, Britney Spears, Bireli Lagrane, Salvatore Russo, Il Volo, Fernando Osorio, Ana Belen, Armando Manzanero, Richard Galliano, Marcello Giordani, Ron, Renga, Chiara Galiazzo, Il Volo, Vinnie Colaiuta, Nathan East, Michael Thompson, and many others.

Neumann Summing Mixer  / Passive Summing mixer / Neumann summing amp

I should firstly like to say something in defence of my VM Mixer, Vintage Maker is my best choice for sound engineer wants a real analog summing with custom components.

In my experience, Mostly of peoples aspect a sound “changing”, “colouring”, and other artefacts make their mix more Big, Huge and Powerful than digital summing process. Mostly of the peoples don’t know what analog summing means. Let me explain the differences: Digital summing is a mathematical computer processing than loss all the phase characteristic added in analog summing world. That’s the principal feature. Passive summing should be the best situation and the real feature we need in the digital world. Personally I hate summing mixers than change my original mix in the box. I work every day for TV and Movie soundtracks, albums, live set.

VintageMaker is a piece of gear of my entire process.

As explained, the main difference is the 3D spatial effect created with phase summing in analog world, and this difference is more evident with huge tracks summing of course. 8 tracks summed sound much better than digital summing, and certain software like Harrison Mix Bus makes a great virtual summing more than Protools, Cubase etc. 16 Tracks summed in analog are more wide than 8, and 24 tracks are incredibly wide and beautiful than only 8 summed. But…. in this process someone forget the tools between the gear. DA converters are an important part in this process. The DA conversion is very different than AD. Choose the best converters makes a huge difference in the analog summing. I’ve tested a lot of converters before my final choice Ferrofish, Creamwear, Behringer with and without customs components, Apogee, etc. Ferrofish and VM seems to be my best “clean” choice. Another factor to consider is the Word Clock, and professional audio board than clock all the tracks and clock the DA, without WC synch these machines makes difference on the process too. And Last but not the least, the cables. Pro means pro, if you want use pro gears you have to choose pro cables. I’ve chooses Vovox cables connected from my DA to VM and viceversa from VM to my audio board (RME UFX) for the bounce recording, another more economic choice could be Cordial. That’s make the differences, i’ve listened some one says analog summing does not make difference, bla bla. I’ve seen people love summing gears change the sound of their mix thinking to colour the mix. If your choice will be colour the mix, just test different summing box until you will find the right one for you, but please don’t say this summing is better than this etc etc. Have no sense, even you choose a preamp for your gear, in the same question. Avalon is better than Neve and bla bla.

I generally work in studio with Neve and SSL, with master sound Engineer like Gatica etc.

When I want produce some in my personal home studio or simply Mix and Master with my gear…. Vintage Maker makes me happy because is transparent. When I want a touch of color, I pull up the Active section with Neumann 475-B.  Analog summing makes huge differences especially in acoustic recordings, in other situations like Dance, and Electro you could choose the digital summing as best….. before speak about VM performances, just check your outboard gear before, cables, and DA….. I hope could be useful for the next analog summing users.

Youtube summing mixer secrets (Italian) part 1.

Youtube summing mixer secrets (Italian) part 2.

The Continuum Music Studio

Paul is the owner of VintageMaker –

and one of the most passionate people we have ever done business with inside the small pro audio world.

Paul has an extensive knowledge of gear and has been making custom summing mixers to order for years. Paul offers options and customization that no other company (to our knowledge) offers. Not to mention the VintageMaker summing mixers can be made with both active and passive circuitry along with other flexible options which makes these summing mixers a no brain for any producer or audio engineer.

The VintageMaker products offer a very clean, 3d and transparent sound. The units are handcrafted with extreme care and are laser engraved. Overall, the VintageMaker units are damn classy looking units! These units do not just look pretty though, the sound dynamite! Separation, clarity, width, and so much more. What’s not to love when it comes to taking an ITB mix and turning into that open and pristine analog console sound!

La Atlantida Estudio (Spain)

Hi Paul!
The summing mixer sounds really really good!
Lots better than my analog board! Thanks!
You did a great work!!

read more…

  • 3U Standard Rack

  • Neumann v475-2B NOS

  • 24in by DB25=12 Stereo CH

  • 2xStereo out by XLR balanced as: OUT1/ and / OUT2

  • 4xStereo to mono CH1-CH4 = 8 mono by switch on master sum bus

  • Active/Passive2in1 by front panel switch

  • Master Send/Return by front panel switch

  • 12xstereo Insert/Return = 12x send/Return by front panel switch

  • 12xstereo Insert/Return by 3xDB25 send – 3xDB25return

  • Group ABCD / OR Master sum select switch

  • ABCD subgroup send out by 4xvol ctrl via TRS balanced

  • ABCD Send return by TRS balanced

  • 12×4=48 stereo routing switch A/or/B/or/C/or/D

  • 2×21 Step precision Neumann master gain potentiometer

Fabrizio Egger –  Glowsound Productions (Switzerland) 2020 –

I can say without a doubt that the sound quality of the Vintage Maker summing mixer plays in the Neve/API/SSL league.

Paul built me a 16 channel summing mixer with features you won’t find in any other analog summing mixer on the market:
– 8x stereo or 16x mono inputs (switchable) including inserts (switchable) and direct out
– 4 stereo subgroups incl. inserts (switchable)
– Neumann V475 summing amp with switchable master insert and possibility to switch to passive summing

Pro Tools HD Native with Avid HD 16×16 converter. I set up the stem outputs right in the beginning and mix into the VintageMaker summing mixer:

Channel | Signal | Analog Processing | Subgroup
1 | Kick | – | A
2 | Snare | – | A
3 – 4 | Drumset | – | A
5 – 6 | Instruments | – | B
7 – 8 | Instruments | – | B
9 – 10 | Backing Vox | – | C
11 | Lead Vox | API 525 | C
12 | – | – | C
13 | Bass | DBX 160A | D
14 | Solo Guitar | – | D
15 – 16 | Guitars | – | D
Subgroup A | Drum-Bus | TK Audio BC 501 |
Subgroup B | Instrumenten-Bus | – |
Subgroup C | Vocal-Bus | Wes Audio Mimas |
Subgroup D | Guitar-Bus | Elysia Xpressor |
L/R | Master | Wes Audio Dione |
L/R | Master | SPL Tube Vitalizer | More analog gear for the inserts to come!

Since I’ve been mixing with the VintageMaker and my analog compressors, I get a better mix in half the time than before with plug-ins alone. So yes, analog signal processing and summing really makes a difference.

Joe4Sho @Effortlessmusic

When I first went down the analog rabbit hole I came across the main stream summing mixer‘s Dangerous D box and Shadow Hills Equinox, but when I dug deeper I found the gem Vintage Maker.

From that point on I knew and visualized in my mind what I wanted to do and for the price I couldn’t beat it. I first started with the passive summing mixer the little one 16 box just to get a feel of what the summing boxes can do. My whole analog set up was built around that little box, a hybrid set up with studio one and the Quantum 4848 Which the little one 16 summing mixer along with the Neumman 475–2 summing amp fits perfect. For me the best part about it is the head room I know there’s a lot more things that you can get out of the summing mixer but head room was the most important to me, being able to bring it down a little and scope your sound with EQ and compression and tape. Paul is a good guy, I value his opinion because when I went and I told him what I wanted he explained to me the differences in the amps and gave me suggestions but in the same sentence said “I’ll build you whatever you want” I highly recommend vintage maker for your summing mixer needs

Moritz Bintig Hannover Deutschland MB-Musikproduktion

Hey Paul, after some testing and comparing to the Shadow Hills and Rupert Neve

i´m happy to tell you that your summing amp is playing in the same league. The difference are not huge, but they are listenable, and i like what i´m hearing with yours. For me (and also a very good friend and mastering engineer) it´s even better in the sound then the others i´ve compared it to. I finally went with yours and i´m very happy with this decision.

So all in all, i´m so happy with this unit. I will sell my Neve and give back the Shadow Hills. Thanks so much. Moritz

George Necola

I did shootout the VintageMaker with the Burl bomber, the Dangerous 2 BUS, the Shadow Hills Equinox and ended up keeping the VintageMaker summing mixer.

Incredible value for money. I guess it’s not worth posting mixes as you change your workflow when you get a summing mixer.

Matt Palfreman UK

Having had my Neumann Summing Mixer for about a year now.

I have to say I’m absolutely blown away by it. It’s quickly becoming the most valuable asset to my studio. The sound of all the music that I grew up loving always just seemed out of reach. Mixing entirely ‘in the box’ left my mixes sounding very up front and lacking space to breathe. The summing mixer has added such a richness and depth to my mixes and has given them that analog flare that I longed for. This is by far the best value for money piece of equipment I own, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Buy it now!”

Jean Obuchowicz – Switzerland  – 2020

Hello Paul! Just received the summing mixer this morning:) What a beauty, thanks for the reminder/note. I just hooked it up, and I’ve been jamming 3hours non stop through it. It sounds really superb, it got soul, magic!
It seems to be all I dreamed about and even more. I’m so happy.
Thanks so much for creating such incredible device.
All the best & greetings from Geneva! Jean.
Here’s a vintage pic of my small vintage messy studio now run by a fantastic vintage maker !!

Harald Værnor – Norway

I am very happy with my Neumann analog summing mixer so far

It adds some tonal qualities that takes me back to my days working with larger consoles. The mono switch option is fantastic. Still experimenting and learning how to get the best out of it I guess, it´s still my first mix using it. Thanks again for great support.

Valery Proletarski (producer, mixer) – UK

Dear Paul, In a summer 2018, I have purchased from you a summing mixer. When it arrived, I put it in a cupboard with the rest of my staff, as I needed to re-build the studio.

Yesterday, was a special day.
I bought new monitors Mackie MR524.
I decided to tryout them. I hooked up the mixer and listened in bypass mode. The sound was good, but didn’t impressed me so much. It had the same clinical character that always comes from computer.
Then, I switched on the transformers.

It was a moment of revelation!

Suddenly, the sound became alive. The width, the depth, the realism came out from the monitors. All the details were there. I could describe it, as the summing mixer put up the music on another level. High frequencies were natural, without irritating and piercings the ear. Low frequencies were tight and focused. The middle had a lot of energy, but not aggravating. Everything was glued together without any compression. I even didn’t touch the potentiometers. They were on dial 1. After turning them on position 5, there was a nice warmth. Just superb!

I would like to mention the quality of build. There are 48 ins, 2 stereo outs, 1 stereo insert, 1 stereo return, 4 stereo-to-mono switches on the first 4 channels. Everything is in 1U box. Neat, classy and beautiful. Love it!

A very big thank you from another happy customer.

Robin Marchetti – Italy

Vintage Maker Passive Summing Mixer Review

Paul was really nice and accurate when I first got in contact with him, he really is interested in delivering the best custom product that meets your needs.

The mixer came perfectly on time (8 working days after placing the order) and was well packaged.

Racked it immediately and tried it on some old and new mixes.

I was really happy with what I was hearing, everything sounds more deep and detailed with with box.

I work with an Apollo 8 with some nice hardware stuff, and this summing mixer unleashes all the power of my setup, allowing me to use hardware gear while mixing.

Right now I’m using it with a neve 1073 at the end of the chain and all I can say is Wow!

Really glad I met Paul, thanks to his Summing Mixer my mixes now sound 4x better !

Ps. the price is great too. Thanks again, Paul

Rob the Child

Gearslutz Vintage Maker Summing Mixer Reviews

I heard the Neumann Vintage Maker in my room on my system compared to a Dangerous LT and a Shadow Hills Equinox.

The sound card was an Antelope Orion. Granted I was applying these summing boxes to a hybrid mix (mixed through a pair of Pultecs and BAE 10dcs) so these were not summed from the beginning. Regardless the differences were more than obvious. The Dangerous was larger sounding than the Equinox but the equinox was classier sounding. The Lt sounded like a REALLY big ITB mix which could be appealing for some styles. The equinox had nice low end mojo happening and over all but couldn’t touch the sheer size of the Dangerous to me.

The Vintage Maker had more width and a super classy 3d vibe to it that neither had.

The VM was the clear winner in my book.

TNT Recording Lab Tommy Dell Olio

I have just bought a forty channel neumann summing mixer from vintage maker and…it’s amazing!!!!

The difference from my old summing box (a vintage design Suj 1) is really huge!! The new mixer has much more punch and detail and everything sounds bigger and wider!! ..and, last but not least, the quality-price ratio is crazy:-))highly recommended:-))

Franck Amendola

Neumann v475 Summing Mixer 32×4 with insert 

i just received a vintage maker Neumann – V475 Summing Mixer / 32 in. The difference with the ITB mixes in protools is awesome…deep, warm, dynamic…i m really impressed by the quality .+1 

Peter Carter UK. Lawo Summing Unit

Absolutely over the moon with my Lawo Summing mixer from Paul.

This is the second unit I have bought from him. Fast shipping, great price and the unit itself does wonders to your mix. Highly recommended. /Tweakmusicmixing/

Dejan Radièeviæ producer/manager – Ljubljana-Slovenia – Lawo 32 

Resolution and stereo image: first thing I’ve noticed was that mix is “glued together”.

I have a feeling of working with a tape, like the nasty transients are smoother, thus allowing for a warmer mix. It has a certain “velvety” feel to it. I also have the feeling that haufe transformers generate additional harmonics, that make the impression of excellent equal frequency distribution all over the spectrum. Mix is not dull or over exited, just plain great analog sounding. Stereo image is unbelivable. A huge step up from MiB (mix in a box). Bass frequencies are well balanced (from bottom mid all over to sub)

Headroom: it is obvious that there is more than enough headroom. I also have to discover how does the input overload sound like. So far I’ve been driving the signal through my RME DS converters, where I’ve selected the HIGH output (+10dbu) and still haven’t been able to produce distortion (although, the higher input level might generate additional harmonics??). Output level rotary works great-no problem adjusting level to-tape.

more on:

Fernando Rocha Numerica Studio Portugal

Just bought a 36 ch Summing Mixer Neumann v475 by Vintage Maker – Vintage Design djpaulmusic paul taylor. I´m about to remix all the works that are about to be released in my label,because the improvement in sound quality is amazing. Its like you get back the integrity of the sound as you recorded, astonishing. more on:

Neumann Pauls Summing Box – the real thing!

Hi there, after reading through and through the forums I decided to get a summing-box of Paul.

He is really a guy who is into the things he does. Every wish I mentioned was no problem for him, so I got my box (inkl. my Name on the front panel and a blue Power-LED!). My box is summing 32 inputs (16×2), has 2 Stereo-Outs and uses Lawo-Transformers and what can I say: it does exactly what I was looking for. Every little thing, every detail in the mix – instruments, voices, reverb, etc – seems to be placed right where I want it to be. Actually I thought, all the time there has been a curtain between my ears and my Genelecs which has finally raised. The box does not produce any recognizable additional noise and I loved it from the very beginning. I have two Creamware A16 Ultra (DA-converter, wired via adat from my two Motu 2408 Mk3) connected to the summing box, then leading into a compressor (TFPro38 ex) and the back into my DAW per RME ADI-96 (only used as AD-converter). I am very happy with this setup and I want to thank Paul for all his support and the really fine work he has done for me and my studio. Thanks! More on: Gearslutz

Benjamin Bard producer -Switzerland – Summing Mixer Neumann v475 32CH

Just bought a 36 ch Summing Mixer Neumann v475 by Vintage Maker – Vintage Design djpaulmusic paul taylor.I´m about to remix all the works that are about to be released in my label,because the improvement in sound quality is amazing. Its like you get back the integrity of the sound as you recorded, astonishing.

More on: Gearslutz

Mlange,Brentwood, TN, USA

I’ve got an 80-channel V475 from Vintage Maker -the build quality is excellent & Paul is a great guy! Mine also arrived very quickly via International Post. More on: Gearslutz

MJ Fick Charlestone, SC United States (Neumann v475-2a 32×4 FX send/return Vintage Summing Mixer)

I have used a bunch of summing boxes along with having mixed on SSLNeve, etc. I gave Paul’s (owner of Vintage Maker) Neumann summing mixer a shot just to see how it sounds.

This thing is like a pillow for your mixes!

Nice and wide, all the depth I’m looking for, and it has an FX send/Return which

I found unique in a summing box a la Dangerous style.

Paul is a really down to earth guy and I’m very happy I gave it a shot. It’s got a unique sonic footprint that I really like as well. Silky is the best description I can conjure. I’m currently recording a Jazz album, a Rock album, and a Rap album. I have run mixes from each project through the box and found it usable for all. It’s got a nice sheen to it, and I can really get use out of the Haufe Transformers when mixing ITB. Paul has recapped these units and removed the cutting filters for those concerned about line level inputs/outputs. 32 inputs – 4 outputs…$1200.00. Solid box, nice knobs, very sexy.

more on:

Alex Halliday from UK. Yorkshire (Neumann v475 32×2 Vintage Summing Mixer)

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the summing mixer.

I’ve summed a piano session and a jazz session and all I can say is that it makes things sound finalised or complete! Its hard to put my finger on it. It’s like a sonic glue! There is definitely a stability that it adds. I’m guessing its the hauffe transformers that’s doing the trick. Sounds like a record! All the best! Tornado Ted UK. Wales : LittleOne 16 Passive Summing Mixer

The build quality is really impressive and the case is very nicely engraved.

I wired it in today and it does what it says on the tin and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first mix with the LittleOne 16 and DIY Neve 1290 combo. I tried it with my API style Baby Animals and wasn’t so keen but maybe it just didn’t suit the song I was mixing. It is subtle compared to ITB but there does seem to be that extra bit of separation and space around instruments that I get from running into my Soundcraft Sapphyre console without the power consumption and re-call notes! All good so far and for the money a no brainer IMO. more on:

Donhalli: Neumann v475 32×2 Vintage Summing Mixer

I bought one of DJ Pauls NEUMANN summing boxes. The build quality is superb and he is as said above very real and a total gentleman. He is doing us a big favour by putting together high quality products for very decent prices. I am very happy with my unit and am now interested in the mic pres that he makes. All power to the man!

Aleix Arcs from Barcelona (Filtek 32×2 Vintage Summing Mixer)

I’m Aleix! And yesterday I was testing the discrete summing Filtek bfe! And I liked very much! . Yesterday we tried it in my studio with a Digi 003 + Converter RME ADI 8 to have 16 tracks for summing! The Filtek is very clear, when mixed, it is very easy, because once everything is in place, treble and bass are more clear! I tried the SPL MixDream and Neve. And I love the SPL! But after testing the Filtek, both quality and price is amazing !!!!! So I like this new Filtek you’re building!

Oleh Malyy – Ukraine: Lawo 32ch Summing unit –

I has bought Lawo summing mixer 32×4 for mixing from DAW (Pro-tools) using SSL Alpha Link MADI AX as 24ch DA and some analog outboard (compressors, EQ, reverbs, delays etc).

For my task this mixer is optimally (for now). But for future, maybe, will ask developer (Paul) for more channels – all here know: channels quantity always less as we need 😉 And here one very very important thing (from my little experience with Paul): Paul is very pleasure man for communicate and deal. And (I think) with him can be finding good way for my tasks always.

For my ears this Lawo mixer working very clear and musically. And have its own very small color: some charm. After receiving any gear, I always opened it for looking inside. Our post services sometimes working not so accurate, and before turn-on any gear I must look is it all normal inside.

Aivaras from UK.London (Lawo 32×2 Vintage Summing Mixer)

I’ve just tested your summing mixer. Sounds really great. I’m very happy. Thanks!

ALEXANDRE LANGEVIN Spain (Filtek 32×2 Vintage Summing Mixer)

I received this morning BFE…, great, perfect, it is very pretty and well built, i am very very happy and thank you from my heart for your patience and your kindness.

UK. Filtek vintage summing unit 

I’ve bought one summing mixer from  3 months ago and I’m really happy with its sound (it is Filtek BFE option). This box does exactly what all consumer multi channel audio interfaces lack. I’m currently using it with M-audio ProFire 2626. What I would like to say is that this guy is real 🙂 and he’s making very nice equipment out there. Besides, he is very approachable and helpful regarding all questions and inquiries.

Studio  VAA

+1 to the above posts. I got the filtek 16 channel version to use in a fully treated project space at the beginning of the year… throw in a pair of ensembles and set focal twins and … well lets say this ‘compact’ set up blows clients of all genres away… Full stop. The clarity, imaging and tonality is simply astonishing for the outlay. An aural pleasure . If you are itb, got some nice valvie toys (and understand analogue gain staging within a daw – its amazing how many don’t!) and want to get the rich and silky console joy this is the best 500 quid you could possibly spend….IMHO (ok sprinkle a healthy few k for the other bits!)

Neumann V475-2C : l’avis de mxmstben “Magnifique!”  –  French review

Niveau qualité/prix, je pense qu’il est impossible de trouver mieux, surtout qu’au niveau qualitatif, on est deja dans du tres haut de gamme. Il m’est difficile de vous communiquer un prix, étant donner que tout les caracteristiques “custom” (nombre d’in/out, connecteurs, design) influence bien évidemment le prix, mais cela reste tres tres raisonnable…. more on : AUDIOFANZINE

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