neumann analog summing mixer box custom

Neumann v475 Analog Summing Mixer

Warm Up your Digital ITB mixes with Legendary Genuine Original Neumann Console Transformer Summing Mixer

Transparent and clean with huge harmonic content. All style purposes! Neumann summing amps provide huge harmonic content and modern analog vibe especially when you push it, and it gives it that correct, real analog fat harmonics sound.

Add warmth analog vibe, depth and separation, color and character to your final mix! Do not find your Studio Gear? Don’t worry! Just inform us about your requirements! Request professional assistance to construct your studio summing mixer. Feel free to ask!

I heard the Neumann Vintage Maker in my room on my system compared to a Dangerous LT and a Shadow Hills Equinox.

The sound card was an Antelope Orion. Granted I was applying these summing boxes to a hybrid mix (mixed through a pair of Pultecs and BAE 10dcs) so these were not summed from the beginning. Regardless the differences were more than obvious. The Dangerous mixer was larger sounding than the Equinox mixer but the equinox was classier sounding. The Lt sounded like a REALLY big ITB mix which could be appealing for some styles. The equinox had nice low end mojo happening and over all but couldn’t touch the sheer size of the Dangerous to me.
The Vintage Maker summing mixer had more width and a super classy 3d vibe to it that neither had. The VintageMaker was the clear winner in my book.
George Necola

Sonic differences: all these legendary cards are transparent and clean with different harmonic content read more about…

  • Neumann V457-2B two (2 Haufe out transformer) = Entry level, relative good harmonic content and good noise isolation
  • Filtek DV1175 and Lawo DV975 four (4 Haufe 2 in 2 out transformer) = Good harmonic content and good noise isolation (equipped with Neumann Haufe trannies)
  • Neumann 2C four (4 Haufe 2 in 2 out transformer) = Huge harmonic content and excellent noise isolation
  • Neumann 2B four (4 Haufe 2 in 2 out transformer) = Extra Huge harmonic content with excellent noise isolation, rare and legendary

Customer studio summing mixer feedback review / Germany

After having spent many days considering and reconsidering the choice of analog summing device I want to invest my money in,
I stumbled upon Paul’s little shop and read the countless mindblown-customer reviews. Having a vague idea of which features were interesting, I contacted Paul, who responded incredibly professionally. His input and feedback was much welcome and supporting for the final decisions.
The updates about the progress were an awesome way to watch my baby being built :D. Upon arrival the built quality and personalized engraving made me smile, but not as much, as the sound!!!-> The truth is:
Whether you believe in it, or not, analog summing (especially with such outstanding components) imparts the 3rd layer of dimension, I’ve always been looking for, but never quite got through digital…
Anywho, the Neumann V475 really imparted a whole new world of possibility into my studio and music universe, for much less
money than the “industry standards”. And the recallability is just the icing on top 😉 If you’re considering, I wouldn’t hesitate, the gains are endless. Cheers, Dan from Germany

Complete control from DAW mixer
If you want to breathe life into your digital tracks, a summing mixer is the best way to do it. Summing mixers add real analogue harmonics and punch to the sound of your productions, letting you easily mix stems output from your DAW in the analog domain.

  • Fully balanced dual stereo solid state network & switching network from input to output.
  • Can be left “free” unconnected inputs 4-8-12 or more inputs!
  • No unused/unconnected input problem!
  • No thermal noise on passive mode due to custom-developed balanced summing network.
  • Absolutely repeatability DAW control: Volume Panorama, EQ, and effects sends of your mix from within the DAW, and send as many as 4-8-16 different tracks or submixes to Summing Mixer.
  • Designed for multi-purpose applications:
  • Instrument balanced/unbalanced signal from synths like Moog, Nord, Yamaha etc.
  • Can handle large external instruments like samplers, tape machines, drum machines etc. fit to all brand of DAW interfaces like Digidesign 192, Avid HD I/O 16X16,Universal Audio, RME Fireface, Prism, Lynx Aurora, Apogee, Motu, Focusrite, Metric Halo, Steinberg MR816, and so on..
  • external signal processors eg. EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Multi Effects Processors like Massenburg, Drawmer S3, Lexicon, Alesis, Tube-Tech LCA2B, JoeMeek, FMR Audio RNC DBX, ART etc.
  • large number of external mic preamps like AMS Neve 1073,Aphex Channel, Great River, Avalon, Chandler Limited, Crane Song, SPL, Focusrite, Presonus, Midas, Summit Audio, ART Pro and so on…
  • Extremely simple, Discrete, pure, and transparent signal path.
  • Can be used for external DAW summing or as a line summing mixer for effects, external mic pres, instruments, synths, drum machines or any (balanced/unbalanced) line signal

I ordered a custom 24×4 Neumann v475 A from Mr. Paul.

Delivery to Sydney Australia was fast and the quality is superb. You won’t find nothing like this at this price point. I hook it up with a prism Orpheus and every make senses now, You get details of your mixing, separation and space, clarity and nice bottom thanks to the Neumann’s that Paul suggest, cause it fits the kind of music I make (acoustic and rock). This is my first summing mixer… I’m so happy and my ears are grateful that a made this decision.
Highly recommended!! Mr. Paul keep doing what you are doing cause you are doing it right!!!
Never seen so much passion in product. Happy customer here!