LittleOne 8 – 16 – 24 input channel Desktop Studio Summing Mixer

Getting analog 3D depth and punch with wide panorama field and work clip free in the analog summing

8 - 16 - 24 input channel Desktop Studio Summing Mixer
Desktop Analog Studio Summing Mixers

8 – 16 – 24 input channel Desktop Studio Summing Mixer for Antelope – Motu – Focusrite – Presonus – Orion – Prism – Roland – Tascam – Behringer – ADA8200 – Apogee – RME – Audient – M-Audio. Do not find your Gear? Don’t worry! Just inform us about your requirements! Ask for help setting up your studio equipment. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Just want to share my first impression of Little One 16 passive summing box with 2 x stereo to mono options.
I am just plain knocked. If your tracking chain is good but mixes sound muddy, boxy, thin and narrow compared to big production hits that’s the remedy. Like everyone else i’ve noticed that mix is much clearer and wider, instruments more separated and focused.
I also have noticed that i’m using less outboard and plugins.
Seriously. If you choosing between good compressos or eq (good means ADL, SSL etc) vs good summing box. You would need audio interface to support that too without hesitation go for analog summing – you won’t be dissapointed if you want your mixes sound 3d. Also box is quiet as a mouse. I was little afraid to pick some noise on the way.
But no ! – it’s just way superior to digital bouncing and that’s all!

Important! You get the best electronically fitted 8-16-24 input channel Desktop Studio Summing Mixer designed for Your studio (DAW Interface) working range! Let me know about your DAW interface sound card type / brand before you place an order!

You can get an many channels and options you want. Large and Wide Configuration Flexibility. Send me your desired configuration setup, then I make the best solution for your studio! Pure hand made unique gears since 2010.

Why does the summing box need to be within the working range of your DAW interface?

A summing mixer designed for your DAW interface is essential because it provides the best possible sound quality, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and headroom without picking up noide.

Get the perfect 8-16-24 input channel Desktop Studio Summing Mixer, precisely tailored to your studio’s DAW Interface working range! Before ordering, share details about your DAW interface sound card type/brand for a customized solution. Enjoy extensive channel options and configuration flexibility. Provide your desired setup, and I’ll craft the ideal solution for your studio. Each unit is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring uniqueness since 2010.

Why is it crucial for the summing box to match your DAW interface’s working range? A summing mixer designed specifically for your DAW interface like 8 – 16 – 24 input channel Desktop Studio Summing Mixer ensures unparalleled sound quality, optimal signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and generous headroom. By avoiding noise interference, it guarantees a pristine audio experience.

warm analog harmonic distortion summing box mixer

The 8 – 16 – 24 input channel Desktop Studio Summing Mixer compatible with leading brands such as Antelope, Motu, Focusrite, Presonus, Orion, Prism, Roland, Tascam, Behringer, ADA8200, Apogee, RME, Audient, and M-Audio. This powerful mixer ensures seamless integration with your preferred studio equipment, providing optimal signal routing and volume control.

Can’t find your specific gear on the list? No worries! We specialize in customization to meet your unique requirements. Just inform us about your gear, and we’ll tailor the Desktop Studio Summing Mixer to your specifications.

Additionally, our support extends beyond product customization. If you need assistance setting up your studio equipment or have questions about compatibility, feel free to reach out. We’re here to help you achieve the best possible audio experience in your studio. Don’t hesitate to connect with us and elevate your studio setup to new heights!