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Why use a Summing Mixer

Why Summing Mixer worth it or a plugin can do the trick?

Simply there is a magic that happens when a signal is passed through the analog circuit, a beautiful imperfection that can’t quite be matched by a plug-in.

The main difference it provides is the 3D spatial effect that is created through phase summing in the analog world.

As a happy customer, I can confidently say that VintageMaker has become an integral piece of gear in my entire process.

This effect is especially evident when summing huge tracks, where the difference between analog and digital summing is more pronounced. In my experience, even just summing 8 tracks in analog produces a much better sound than digital summing. Certain software, like Harrison Mix Bus, also does a great job of emulating this virtual summing effect, surpassing options like Protools and Cubase.

When it comes to summing even more tracks, such as 16 or 24, the width and beauty of the resulting sound is even more pronounced. Summing 16 tracks in analog creates a wider and more immersive sound, while 24 tracks sound incredibly wide and beautiful compared to only 8 tracks summed in this way. Overall, I highly recommend VintageMaker for anyone looking to add depth and richness to their mixes through analog summing.

Using an analog summing mixer can make your recordings sound more professional and avoid the harshness, distortion, and squashed sound often associated with digital mixing on a home computer.

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The VintageMaker summing mixers are optimized for high headroom and low noise, allowing for a clean and dynamic mix. Analog summing also offers higher resolution and avoids rounding errors and digital distortions that can occur in digital systems. Overall, analog summing provides a number of advantages over simple DAW bounce-functions.

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