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mastering switcher

Mastering Insert Switcher

The order of A insert and B insert can be swapped in any order you want, like AB and BA.

Introducing the Mastering Insert Switcher, a game-changing tool that puts you in full command of your audio signal routing. The unit is fully balanced from input to output, XLR balanced I/O’s, DSUB Tascam Analog Balanced Insert connection.

With the Mastering Insert Switcher, you have the freedom to effortlessly swap the order of your A and B inserts in any sequence you desire, whether it’s AB or BA.

The versatility of the Mastering Insert Switcher is unmatched. Want the A insert before the B insert? Easy. Simply press the buttons accordingly and experience the magic of AB. Need to flip it around and go for BA? It’s as simple as a touch. The ability to effortlessly swap between these configurations allows you to unleash your creativity and discover new dimensions in sound.