Rackmount Monitor Controller

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Designed and hand built by VintageMaker for DAW signal routing volume gain control for monitors or speakers with no-compromise crystal clear sound isolated by discrete dual stereo solid state circuit. No stereo crosstalk because there is No connection between L/R sides. Very high custom build and sound quality. Offers the easy way to transmit an audio signal via desktop or racked unit to preferred pair of studio or reference monitors. Crystal clear sound, no stereo crosstalk, no stereo image collapse, not affect the stereo image, dual stereo balanced signal path, fully balanced from input to output, no relation / connection between L/R sides.. Rackmount Speaker Switch Select – Audio Line Router – Switcher – Phase Invert – Mute Mono – Precision Attenuator Control for Mackie, Adam Audio, Avantone, Focal, JBL, KRK, M-Audio, Neumann, Presonus, Swissonic, Yamaha, Genelec, PSI Audio, KS Digital, Dynaudio, Subzero, IK Multimedia