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8 Input Channel Lawo Summing Mixer

8 channel input custom summing with master insert gives general warmth thickness to your mixes

Resolution and stereo image: first thing I’ve noticed was that mix is “glued together”. I have a feeling of working with a tape, like the nasty transients are smoother, thus allowing for a warmer mix. It has a certain “velvety” feel to it. I also have the feeling that haufe transformers generate additional harmonics, that make the impression of excellent equal frequency distribution all over the spectrum. 
Stereo image is unbelievable. A huge step up from ITB (mix in the a box). Bass frequencies are well balanced (from bottom mid all over to sub) Dejan Radievic read more on gearslutz

8x4 Lawo - 8 TRS in 4 TRS out, 4 x Channel Insert stereo TRS 4 x stereo mute

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  • 1U rack Unit
  • Lawo DV975 NOS
  • 8 in TRS stereo balanced inputs (4L & 4R)
  • 4 TRS L/R 2 x stereo out (Main Rec / Monitor)
  • 1 stereo BYP/RET insert for each stereo input
  • 8 TRS (stereo) channel inserts send (4L & 4R)
  • 8 TRS (stereo) channel inserts return (4L & 4R)
  • 4 x On/Off (mute) switches for each stereo input
  • 1 stereo to mono input conversion switch for input 7/8
  • Master insert SND/RET by TRS (2 x switches) stereo
  • Master -15/-25 vari gain headroom switch (before A/P)
  • Master 2in1 A/P (active passive) switch
  • 21 Step stereo precision Lawo gain ctrl
  • Vintage style white cream knob
  • Power LED: White
  • PSU: 220V  to 18VDC EU Plug