32 Input channel Neumann summing mixer for DAW and Analog Synths

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Neumann transformer analog summing mixer provide high quality transparent analogue sound with headroom, and  gives huge harmonic 3D vibe warmth with multi bus external process.

Facilities include channel insert, 4 x stereo sub group insert (bus compression) stereo to mono, dual function 2in1 Active and Passive and Insert Send Return controls for master chain before master outputs.

Customer: I am looking for a nice transformer summing, external rack unit for adding some general warmth thickness to my DAW, Synth, keyboard – individual sub groups tracks, and at times subtly to mixes as well.

Sometimes I might want to push harder into a more obviously distorted sound, other times I’m just looking to warm or fatten up certain instruments some acoustic, some DAW VST/AU synth plugins, but mainly external synths like a Prophet 08 or Juno 106, Moog, and Virus TI, and some Modular synths, and drum tracks made with Elektron, V-Drums and so on.

Neumann bus mixer
Neumann bus mixer

16 x Stereo to 32 Mono switches
16 x Stereo to 32 Mono

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analog channel insert
analog mixer channel insert

Studio Mixer DSUB TRS XLR
2U DSUB TRS XLR summing mixer

insert send return aux input
insert send return aux input

dsub 4 four Stereo insert
dsub 4 four Stereo insert

3 x Analog Stereo balanced out with master insert
3 x Stereo out with master insert

best summing mixer for mix bus compression
best summing mixer for mix bus compression

sub group bus compression mixer
sub group bus compression mixer

analog summing bus mixer 01
analog summing bus mixer 01

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As someone who was in the market for a high-quality summing mixer to add warmth and 3D deepth to my tracks, I can confidently say that the Neumann Haufe transformer summing mixer exceeded my expectations in every way. Whether I’m working with acoustic instruments or analog or virtual synths, this mixer is able to add a level of warmth and richness that I simply couldn’t achieve with my DAW alone. And when I want to push things even further, the ability to dial in just the right amount of distortion is truly amazing. But what really sets this mixer apart is its versatility – I can use it to fatten up individual subgroups or subtly enhance entire mixes, depending on what the project calls for. The build quality is top-notch, too, and I know this mixer will be a reliable part of my setup for years to come. Overall, I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase and would highly recommend the Neumann Haufe transformer summing mixer to anyone looking to take their audio to the next level.

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32 input 4 x DB25 Tascam analog balanced (active-passive preamp switch)
16 x Stereo (32 channel) Insert SEND 4 x DB25
16 x Stereo (32 channel) Insert RETURN 4 x DB25
16 x Stereo RETURN Bypass switch
16 x Stereo to 32 Mono (vertical) switch

4 x Stereo sub groups as ABCD DSUB
Where: A=1-4, B=5-8, C=9-12, D=13-16
4 x Group insert SEND Switch (horizontal)
4 x Group insert RETURN Switch (horizontal)
Master 2in1 Active/Passive switch
3 x Multi Master Insert Send Return (ABC) TRS balanced
3 x 2 Insert Send Return stereo switches
2 x 21 Step Precision Neumann master gain control L/R
Vintage style black knobs
PSU: 110-240VAC to 18-24 VDC 0,6-1,5A (world wide) EU plug


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  1. Dorian DJ Snake says:

    I totally get where you’re coming from! I also have an analog summing mixer and find myself using it in similar ways. It’s great for adding that subtle warmth and character to individual instruments, especially external synths like the ones you mentioned. But what I really love about it is the ability to push things into distortion when I want to really make a track stand out. It’s amazing how much character you can get out of a simple summing mixer. Have you tried experimenting with different levels of distortion and saturation to see what works best with your tracks? I’ve found that sometimes just a touch of distortion can really bring a track to life.

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