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Passive Multi Bus Group Summing Mixer

    passive group sum bus summing mixer
    passive group sum bus summing mixer

    Passive Multi Insert Group Sum Bus Summing Mixer

    Summing Mixer Setup

    2U rack
    10 input (5xstereo)
    1-8 DSUB Tascam Balanced
    9-10 TRS balanced
    4 out XLR Main rec / Monitor balanced
    5 x GROUP A /OR/ GROUP B select switch
    Insert SND RET TRS bypass Switch Group A
    Insert SND RET TRS bypass Switch Group B
    1 x Stereo to 2 mono on 3/4 Group A
    1 x Stereo to 2 mono on 3/4 Group B
    4 x Multi Master Ins SND/RET TRS ABCD
    -10db switch (before master insert)
    Master Mono switch (before master insert)

    Sub Group passive summing for MultiBus Compression technique

    Based on the customers feedback, this is the best bus mixing technique there is. With a little practice and experience, your mixes will sound tighter, more energetic, more professional.

    Fixed sub mixers (slave sum AB) with dedicated inputs, each sub mixer (slave sum) group come with individual send/return for external process – then return to Master for final summing see documentation…..

    Customer  studio setup

    MPC 2500 *OR* UAD Apollo 8

    RSE LTM-8 (Line to Mic level Converter)


    x2 Hairball Audio Lola

    x2 AML 1073

    x2 RSE PC502

    x2 Cranborne Camden 500

    x4 SSL style Preamps

    x2 Capi v26

    A/B SEND (possible options):

    DBX 160x Compressor (stereo pair)

    Neve 542 Tape Simulator (stereo pair)

    Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture

    SP303 (Stereo Effects Processor)

    Kush Audio Electra (Stereo EQ)

    Master Inserts (possible options):

    Louder Than Liftoff Silver Bullet (Stereo Preamp)

    Hendyamps Michelangelo (Stereo Tube EQ)

    Hendyamps Pollock (Stereo Optical Compressor)

    Neve 542 Stereo Tape Simulator

    TK Audio TK-Lizer (Stereo EQ)


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