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Desktop Studio Summing Mixers

Passive Stereo Balanced Summing Mixers without Compromises

Mix in Analog and explore your DAW Interface analog capabilities!

Discover the analog potential within your DAW interface with Analog Summing for authentic analog-console sound!

Do not find your Gear? Don’t worry! Just inform me about your requirements!

4 to 8 input summing mixer

You get the best sonically matching summing mixer designed for Your studio (DAW Interface) working range! (let me know about your DAW interface soundcard type / brand)

Send me your desired summing configuration, then I make the best solution for your studio! You can get an many channels and options you want. Large and Wide Configuration Flexibility. Pure hand made unique gears since 2010′

Breathe more life into your digital mixes –  add warmth and analog vibe read more…

“Cool passive summing noiseless, infinite headroom and no power required. The best way to mix outside the computer, enjoy clip free summing and then use the different mic pres of your choice to send your mix back to your DAW. “

You can order different gain reduction mixers as: -10dB, -15dB, -20dB, -25dB or more (let me know about your DAW mic preamp gain range)

How to hit the analog harmonic distortion in the PASSIVE summing?


Analog Passive Summing Mixer – Does this box makes any difference??!!

Analog Summing – Little One 16 Video II

Vintage Maker – Little one 8 | Summing box | Review

Vintage Maker – Little one 8 | Affordable Summing Mixer | Studio One 4

desktop mini mixer
stereo balanced desktop mini mixer
apollo x6 with summing mixer
apollo x6 with summing mixer
warm harmonics
audio harmonics summing mixer

Examples – Reviews – Customer feedback 

Summing Mixer with Insert and Monitor control output

Customer review

Just want to share my first impression of Little One 16 passive summing box with 2 x stereo to mono options.

I am just plain knocked.  If your tracking chain is good but mixes sound muddy, boxy, thin and narrow compared to big production hits that’s the remedy. Like everyone else i’ve noticed that mix is much clearer and wider, instruments more separated and focused. I also have noticed that i’m using less outboard and plugins. Seriously. If you choosing between good compressors or eq’s (good means ADL, SSL etc) vs good summing box (you would need audio interface to support that too) without hesitation go for analog summing – you won’t be dissapointed if you want your mixes sound 3d. Also box is quiet as a mouse. I was little afraid to pick some noise on the way. But no ! – it’s just way superior to digital bouncing and that’s all! 

10 input summing mixer with 2 x stereo to 4 mono, direct switch on 9/10 input to master out, master mono switch, -10/-30dB precision attenuator

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the summing mixer.

I’ve summed a piano session and a jazz session and all I can say is that it makes things sound finalised or complete! Its hard to put my finger on it. It’s like a sonic glue! There is definitely a stability that it adds. Sounds like a record! All the best! Alex

read more on gearslutz 

Analog Summierer und Mischer

Solid state komplett analog und symmetrisch aufgebauter Signalpfad

Gearslutz – Gearspace review

A few years ago I owned a Dangerous D-Box that had 8 channels of summing alongside monitor control. I liked it, because it gave me that little bit of extra depth and detail in my mixes that you get with analogue summing, but I ended up selling it when I stopped doing audio production full time. After a few years away from mixing I have recently got back into it and was looking around for a budget summing mixer. I don’t have the budget for expensive studio gear any more, but I kept all my ‘good stuff’, like monitors and interface from before. I saw Paul’s Vintage Maker site and read a bunch on passive summing and decided to get a LittleOne 16. The process of ordering was excellent, Paul provided all the information I needed in a direct, no nonsense way, and he built the unit and sent it within 2 weeks.

Once I plugged it in to my system I was immediately happy. The mix I had been working on now had that little bit of extra ’roundness’ and ‘depth’ that I was missing, and I could hear more detail in things like reverb tails that helped me finalize the mix.

The best thing about the LittleOne 16 is that I can run the output through different preamps to get different colouration. With the Dangerous D-Box I always thought it was a bit too ‘silky’ and ‘slick’ for my taste. I prefer my music and production to be more low-fi or 70’s sounding, so it’s fantastic to choose what you run your summed mix through to achieve the coloration you want. I’m not dissing Dangerous at all, their products are great quality and the D-Box monitoring was first class, its just the summing output wasn’t completely to my taste.

If you have a good quality stereo preamp to run this unit through to make up the gain, then get a Little One. You’ll be happy with the result.

My current production tools are; Pro Tools, UA Apollo Interface, Focal Speakers and some good quality preamps. I definitely hear a (good) difference

Passive Summing mixer come by 5  type of dB reduction 

*Basic Setup reduction :-15dB by default please let me know before you make an order

  • SUB MINIMAL: -6.5dB

  • MINIMAL: -10dB gain reduction – ideal for low level preamps or DAW mic pre or instrument input

  • LOW: -15dB gain reduction – ideal for entry level preamps or DAW mic pre or instrument input

  • MID: -20dB gain reduction – ideal for mid range preamps or DAW mic pre or instrument input

  • HIGH: -25dB (or more) gain reduction – ideal for high range preamps like Neve, Api, Avalon or DAW mic pre

16 in DSUB passive summing mixer CH Insert / Master Insert / 3 x Stereo out

16 input DSUB passive summing mixer TRS insert / 2 x Stereo out TRS / XLR balanced

Dual Stereo Balanced Summing Network from input to output

  • In/Out:Balanced, floating to ground

  • Insertion input resistance: -10dB, -15dB / -20dB / -25dB or more  (order)

  • Output impedance 600-1k ohms balanced 

  • Output level: -15 dB nominal (basic setup)

  • Frequency response: 0-500Khz

  • Crosstalk 1Khz: -95dB

  • In/Out:   Balanced, floating to ground

  • Signal/ Noise rate: -110dB (RME HDSP tested, no DAW inputs connected)

  • TRS wiring: (Tip:HOT/,Ring:COLD/Sleeve:GROUND)

  • Pure hand made! Hand wired and tested point-to-point!

  • Selected VISHAY DALE military metal-film resistors!

  • Laser engraved massive aluminium alloy box!4


19-inch rack 8 - 64 Input channel summing

no price indicated unique audio - ask for price

best summing shop
4 6 8 10 12 14 16 20 24 32 56 64 96 input channel studio summing mixer

10 ch summing mixer designed for UAD Apollo x8

10 ch summing mixer designed for UAD Apollo x8 with Total Bypass on 1/2 input

Designed for Presonus Studio 1824c 10 input summing mixer

I bought the little one 10 from vintage maker it has 4 switches from stereo to mono on one for 1/2 ch and 3/4 ch and 9/10 ch which is for monitor and one switch for 1/8 ch I have it hook up to my PreSonus Studio 192 and wow excellent sound get that wide loudness and clearer sound im really impressed with my decision on getting this box and for low price cant beat that no where if u reading this thank u paul ps RBT (read more on gearslutz…)

4 ch passive summing mixer with stereo to mono designed for Focusrite Scarlett 6i6

16 input summing with Apollo x6 and ADA8200 DIR switch

4 ch passive summing mixer with stereo to mono designed for Universal Audio UAD Apollo Twin X

Record summed audio signal through the Genuine Sound of Neve, Helios, API, Manley and more emulations.