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Order Your Unique Custom Studio Gear

Please do not hesitate to let me know about your desired product or setup. Kindly note that many of our products do not have a fixed price due to their exclusive customization. Rest assured that I will personally reach out to you to provide further information and address any inquiries you may have. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me

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mail to: [email protected]

Contact Custom Order

  • Please copy the following list and paste it into the email you will send me. Additionally, please specify your setup based on the documentation page


  1. Rack unit size: 1U or 2U

  2. Front Panel Color 1: RAL BLACK (basic color)

  3. Front Panel Color 2: WHITE CREAM (50 Euro extra)

  4. ACTIVE or PASSIVE or BOTH 2in1?

  5. Passive: – no inside amp (select gain reduction: -6dB, -10db, -15dB, -20dB or -25dB)

  6. Passive with Vari gain switch on master out: -6/-16dB, -10/-20dB  or -15/-25dB switch 

  7. Active summing mixer: – with inside transformer amp card (dual stereo balanced)

  8. Active/Passive both 2in1: – switch between Active – inside amp / Passive – external (your amp) Benefits: different amp = different sound character

  9. Master Active – Passive with 2 x Conventional Toggle Switches

  10. Master Active – Passive Power ON Activated – Relay

  11. Transformer Card type: Neumann v475-2C or Lawo DV975 or Filtek DV1175

  12. Number of Input channels: 16 in = 8 Left and 8 Right input = total 8 Stereo (from 4 input even up to 96 input channels)

  13. Input type: TRS or DSUB or XLR balanced (xlr require 2U)

  14. Number of Output channel: 1xStereo L/R, 2xStereo L/R (Main/Monitor) 3xStereo (Main/Monitor/VU) or more

  15. Output type: TRS or DB25 or XLR balanced (over 4 out XLR require 2U)

  16. Master out (MUTE) switch fo Main or Monitor out

  17. Mono input conversion: for kick/bass mono tracks:

  18. 1 x Switch per Channel input (how many pieces do you need?)

  19. 1 x Switch per Stereo (L/R) Channel input: 1xStereo L/R input convert to 2 center placed mono

  20. Channel Insert Send / Return (bypass switch) per channel or per stereo channel (L/R)

  21. Master Insert/Send/Return/Bypass via 2 switches: TRS / DB25 / XLR balanced

  22. Multi Insert/Send/Return/Bypass switch option:  SNDA / SNDB /SNDC  chained” for multiple insert

  23. Input Signal direct to Output switching option (bypass summing) Direct Monitoring purposes 

  24. Stereo to mono option on master out (mix mono compatibility test)

  25. Phase Invert R side of master stereo signal by switch (mix phase cancellation test)

  26. POWER LED: White, Yellow, Green, Red or Blue?

  27. Power Supply :110-220VAC  to 18-24VDC PSU (EU Plug) * you need a cheap EU to UK/US/AU plug converter

  28. Unique engrave your Name or Studio name (let me know)

  29. Your detailed Shipping address to determine shipping fee

Construction build time (estimated)

  1. Desktop passive products: 4 – 10 working weekdays

  2. ​Rackmount passive products 5 -15 ​​working weekdays

  3. Rackmount Active/Passive (2in1) products 8 – 18 working weekdays

  4. Rackmount unique special solutions – by agreement​ Contact Custom Order