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Let me know about desired product or setup. Most of products are no price indicated because of its unique setup. I will then get in touch with You, to answer to Your any questions or enquiries. 

Please check your “Junk, Spam/Bulk or Trash” folders if you do not receive a message from me within 24 hours, please mail to: [email protected]

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Custom Order

  1. Rack unit size: 1U or 2U

  2. Passive summing mixer: – no inside amp (select desired gain reduction: -7dB, -10db, -15dB, -20dB or -25dB)

  3. Passive Summing Mixer with Vari gain switch eg. -10/-20dB  or -15/-25dB switch 

  4. Active summing mixer: – with inside transformer amp card (dual stereo balanced)

  5. Active/Passive both 2in1: – switch between Active – inside amp / Passive – external (your amp) Benefits: different amp = different sound character

  6. Card type: Neumann v475-2C or Lawo DV975 or Filtek DV1175

  7. Number of Input channels: 16 in = 8 Left and 8 Right input = total 8 Stereo (from 4 input even up to 96 input channels)

  8. Input type: TRS or DB25 or XLR balanced (xlr require 2U)

  9. Number of Output channel: 1xStereo L/R, 2xStereo L/R (Main/Monitor) 3xStereo (Main/Monitor/VU) or more

  10. Output type: TRS or DB25 or XLR balanced (over 4 out XLR require 2U)

  11. Master out ON/OFF switch control for multiple outputs:  (if you have more then one master stereo out)

  12. Stereo to Mono input conversion switch: 1xStereo L/R input convert to 2 center placed mono – for bass & kick

  13. Master Insert/Send/Return/Bypass by switch via TRS / DB25 / XLR balanced

  14. Multi Insert/Send/Return/Bypass switch option:  SNDA / SNDB /SNDC  chained” for multiple insert

  15. Input to Output switching option (bypass summing) Direct Monitoring purposes 

  16. Stereo to mono option on master out (mix mono compatibility test)

  17. Phase Invert R side of master stereo signal by switch (mix phase cancellation test)

  18. POWER LED: White, Yellow, Green, Red or Blue?

  19. Power Supply :110-220VAC  to 18-24VDC PSU (EU Plug) * you need a cheap EU to UK/US/AU plug converter

  20. Unique engrave your Name or Studio name (let me know)

  21. Your detailed Shipping address to determine shipping fee

Construction build time (estimated)

  1. Desktop passive products: 4 – 8 working weekdays

  2. ​Rackmount passive products 5 -10 ​​working weekdays

  3. Rackmount Active/Passive (2in1) products 8 – 12 working weekdays

  4. Rackmount unique special solutions – by agreement​

Gear Database 4 - 96 input channel summing mixers

4 6 8 10 12 14 16 20 24 32 56 64 96 input channel studio summing mixer


  • Payment by PayPal or Bank transfer – USD / EURO / GBP accepted

  • After a technical and financial agreement, we need an email confirmation from your side about setup options / configuration / design plans approval.

  • After the up-front payment is received, we will send you a confirmation email about the payment received. At the same time we will start your desired front/rear design plans, and send it to you by email for your approval.(PDF files) 

  • The laser engraving process will start after we have received your final confirmation reply by email regarding the front/rear design plans.

  • The specifications of the order can be changed freely by you, the customer, before starting the laser engraving process. If the setup configuration is changed after we have finished the laser engraving process, we may charge for re-designing /front or rear plate price / engraving fee / man hour.

  • As soon as the device is physically completed, we will inform you about it, and ask you to confirm your shipping address and phone number once more. During this time we will start an 8-hour test-run with audio test result documentation.


  • Shipping by insurance and tracking number, in triple-safe packing. All shipping costs are paid by the customer. Shipping abroad customers have to pay additional charges. Shipping abroad (outside the EU) may take longer depending on the shipping company and the destination country.

Shipping methods

  • Inside of EU: GLS or Express post / Outside of EU: FedEx

Additional info

Follow up of construction by photos upon request.

After sale support

1 – Year Warranty

Terms and conditions

  1. Both parties agree in principle that the Seller is the authority on resources and designs for the items and acts in good faith regarding any advice and/or technical knowledge given to the client as part of the design process.
  2. The client agrees that all designs, plans, ideas and images directly associated with the making of a bespoke item by the Seller remain the intellectual property of the Seller. 
  3. The client agrees that all designs, plans, ideas and images associated with any item/s made by the Seller are exclusive property of the Seller and are subject to the standard legal protection and rights as intellectual property.
  4. The Seller agrees to treat the client’s bespoke design as confidential and private, if and as requested, and during the manufacturing process. 
  5. The terms of any /all privacy agreement/s between the Seller and the client are to be agreed to by both parties at time of ordering and payment.
  6. Due to the costly and labour-intensive nature of bespoke and custom-make manufacturing, the Seller reserves the right to refuse to accept any order if the terms and/or the intent of this agreement are breached in any way by the client.
  7. The Seller understands their responsibilities as a trader and abides by the principles of Fair Trading.
  8. Both parties agree that this is a fair and binding terms of sale document as discussed and agreed to at time of order.
  9. The purchase contract takes effect upon fulfilment by seller, i.e. it only becomes legally effective when goods are delivered in accordance with the delivery note. Placing an order is possible by email order, after established technical and financial agreement accepted by both sides deemed to have been accepted confirmation of the order as present order form document. The order confirmation specifications can change by side of customer before start of laser engraving process. The order confirmation specifications can not change by side of customer after finished laser engraving process. 


  1. Shipment. The customer pays all shipping charges. In case of shipping abroad customers have to pay additional charges. Delivery times are always without obligation. Shipping abroad (out of EU) can delay depending on the shipping company and destination country.
  2. Warranty. 1(One Year) full service warranty from date of purchase. The customer pays all shipping charges. In case of shipping abroad customers have to pay additional charges. Seller is not responsible for any electrical, bodily, or environmental damage caused by the consumer’s use of our products. All cables and electrical devices should be tested by consumer before use. Defective cables, connections, DAW interface, external processors / instruments and speakers may damage connected equipment. Each VM product come tested, calibrated with individual audio test result with unique documentation, but we do not take responsibility for any thing that happens after it leaves our workshop. Please check the delivered goods immediately for obvious defects in material or manufacture or transport damage. You are legally obliged to inform us of any defects or faults of the goods so that we can take remedial action. 
  3. The right of warranty doesn’t exist if the error caused by the following content: the customer didn’t check the goods on receipt the customer didn’t inform about
    an obvious fault the object of purchase was used incorrect (jumps, radical use, crashes) the object of purchase was changed into a configuration which is not permitted by the producer the customer didn`t follow the instructions of usage, operations and maintenance of the object of purchase.

Return Policy

  • You may return the item within 14 days of delivery for refund of the purchase price 40% restocking fee (being a custom-built instrument) apply to all returned products. 
  • Returned items must be in brand-new condition and show no signs of wear including (but not limited to) scratches, scuffs, dings, and worn or damaged packaging.
  • The item must be returned in good condition, with no scratch or dent. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse the return or charge a restocking fee at our discretion.
  • Returned items in need of repair will be credited with the original paid amount deducting the repair costs and restocking fee.
  • Shipping and handling costs and other additional charges are non-refundable. To request a return or exchange, contact us.

Vintage Maker never wants to leave you with the wrong piece of gear. However, any excessive use or abuse of this policy may result in loss of certain provisions.

Privacy Policy

Return Repair Service

Return a VintageMaker Product for Repair Service

Shipping cost to return product to VintageMaker for repair is the responsibility of the customer.

Validated warranty repair RETURN shipping, parts and labor will be paid by VintageMaker.

SHIPPING: PLEASE USE THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING IF POSSIBLE. If not possible please triple safe pack the item.

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