LittleOneWide – Mini Mono Analog Synth Keyboard Summing Mixer

Professional custom built desktop mini mixer designed for Stereo or Mono (monophonic) synth keyboard – Summing Box For Synths – Drum Machines

Mini Mono Analog Synth Keyboard Summing Mixer

Do not find your summing mixer? Tell me your DAW Interface Type!

You can get as many channels and options you want. Your mixer will be designed for your synths and for Your studio (DAW Interface) working range! Just let me know your studio setup to make the best gear!

Unlock Creative Possibilities with LittleOneWide: Mini Mono Analog Synth Keyboard Summing Mixer

Introducing the LittleOneWide, a professional custom-built desktop mixer designed to elevate your studio experience. Tailored for mono or stereo synth keyboards and drum machines, this mini analog powerhouse redefines versatility.

Customization Beyond Limits: Summing Box for Moog Synths and Drum Machines

Discover unparalleled flexibility with the LittleOneWide. Configure as many channels as you need, adapting seamlessly to your unique setup. This summing box for synths like Moog and drum machines like Elektron is not just a solution; it’s a finely tuned instrument for your musical journey.

Precision in Every Channel: Tailored for Your Synths and Studio

Your sound, your way. The LittleOneWide is crafted for your specific studio needs. Share your DAW interface type, and experience a summing mixer designed to operate within your working range, optimizing SNR and headroom.

Communication is Key: Collaborative Design for Your Ideal Mixer

Can’t find your dream summing mixer? Let us know your vision. LittleOneWide thrives on collaboration. Share your studio setup, and witness the creation of a tailored solution that exceeds your expectations.

Seamless Integration, Optimal Performance: Your Synths, Your Studio, Your LittleOneWide

Your studio setup is unique, and so is the LittleOneWide. This mini mono analog synth keyboard summing mixer is more than gear; it’s a partner in your creative process. Achieve sonic excellence with a tool as distinctive as your musical fingerprint.

Customer feedback:

In my quest for a seamless and dynamic music production experience, I find myself in need of a solution that allows me to sum signals from a diverse array of synthesizers-ranging from several polysynths to mono synths and my modular rig—all while retaining individual volume control, and crucially, with the tactile response of physical knobs. So therefore I am goung to a Mini Mono Analog Synth Keyboard Summing Mixer

Presently, my synthesizers are interconnected through a patchbay, serving as the nerve center of my studio. This setup offers me the flexibility to route these synths to various outboard gear, shaping and enhancing their sonic characteristics. However, as my collection of synths has grown, so too has the complexity of my setup, necessitating a streamlined solution that doesn’t compromise on control or versatility.

The heart of my signal path is directed through a LittleOneWide – Mono – Synth – Keyboard – Drum Machine – Analog Studio Summing Box Mixer. This central hub plays a pivotal role in consolidating the audio signals from my diverse synthesizer collection, creating a unified and cohesive sonic palette. Yet, the challenge lies in maintaining granular control over each synth’s volume, and this is where the need for a specialized solution becomes evident.