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Passive Summing solution without compromises

Warming Up your Digital ITB mixes – add warmth and analog vibe! “Really cool passive analog summing box. Really well made. Noiseless, infinite headroom and no power required. The best way to mix outside the computer, enjoy clip free summing and then use the mic pres of your choice to send your mix back to your DAW. ” read more…

16x2 Passive Summing Mixer

399 € +shipping (basic setup)


Basic Version D-Sub In – TRS Out
  • 1U Standard Rack 19″ unit
  • 16 input by TRS orD-sub tascam balanced
  • 1x Stereo out TRS balanced L/R 
  • 2 x Stereo to 4 Mono conversion switch
  • Laser engraved 
For TRS Input add 20 € extra 
For XLR Out add 10 € extra
Full balanced dual stereo discrete signal path from input to output!

16x4 Passive Summing Mixer with variable headroom switch

439 € +shipping 


  • 1U Standard Rack 19″ unit
  • 16 input TRS 1/4″ balanced (8 Stereo)
  • 2x Stereo out TRS balanced L/R (Main/Monitor)
  • 2 x Stereo to 4 Mono conversion switch
  • -15dB/-25dB variable headroom switch
  • Laser engraved 
For XLR Out add 10 € extra
Full balanced dual stereo discrete signal path from input to output!

32x4 Passive Summing Mixer with gain control

599 € +shipping 


  • 1U Standard Rack 19″ unit
  • 32 input by TRS/DSUB :
  • 1-8 input TRS balanced
  • 9-32 input DB25 Tascam Standard Balanced
  • 2x Stereo output by TRS/XLR balanced L/R (Main/Monitor)
  • 4xStereo conversion to Mono by 2xSwitch = 8 mono 
  • 2xSTM ST1/ST2 (1-4 TRS IN)
  • 2xSTM ST5/ST6 (9-12 DSUB IN)
  • Master Stereo to Mono (mix mono compatibility test)
  • Stereo input 1 L/R to Master outputs – Direct Monitoring purposes
  • 21 step precision Attenuator 0dB range – 20dB 
  • Laser engraved 


19-inch rack 8 - 64 Input channel summing

no price indicated unique audio - ask for price
summing mixers monitor controllers
summing mixers monitor controllers

Customer Reviews

Cr Jeffrey McLaughlin

I have been working with Bob Katz doing the mastering.

I want to share this quote from Bob.

“Things are a lot sweeter! Compared to the previous mixes this overall sound, including the vocal, is like milk and honey! Overall with better balance and natural tonality. The sound has very nice dynamics and impact. It’s a total transformation. Good clarity, instrumental balance, stereo image…
Feel free to use the +18 setting or even a hair higher if available as your peak level does not exceed -5.6 dB.”  Bob Katz 

This is to the Dr Flouride Mix 24 summing mixer you made thank you. It’s letting me do world class work in a very remote environment 

Herb Belofsky  Drummer · Austin, Texas

My REVIEW: Clarity and Glue.

It clearly sounds better than in the box summing, but you all knew that would be the case. It also sounds better than the AMEK console that I had been using for summing mixes. I had sold the console and this was one of the replacement parts. I am Very Happy. I would highly recommend Paul Taylor’s custom built products. he was easy to deal with, great communication and ultimately a great sounding box that let me interface the preamps I already have as the 2 buss. A serious upgrade for a box that is reasonably priced for what it does. I would love to hear the other active summing mixers that he makes, but for now, I am a happy studio owner with the box he sent me.

Thanks, Paul.


Mike Castonguay

Paul makes some amazing high quality summing mixers.

I’ve owned the Dangerous 2 Buss and the Roll Folcrom, and this easily holds its own with those units. The real deal maker is that you can get a custom built one that suits your exact needs. The international shipping was very fast to the West Coast USA, and the build time was within a week for my specific custom needs.  I’m so glad I came across Paul’s stuff. Definitely a great choice!! 

Take complete control from DAW

If you want to breathe life into your digital tracks, a summing mixer is the best way to do it. Summing mixers add real analoque harmonics and punch to the sound of your productions, letting you easily mix stems output from your DAW in the analog domain.

  • Fully balanced dual stereo solid state network & switching network from input to output.
  • Can be left “free” unconnected inputs 4-8-12 or more inputs! 
  • No unused/unconnected input problem!
  • No thermal noise on passive mode due to custom-developed balanced summing network.
  • Absolutely repeatability DAW control: Volume Panorama, EQ, and effects sends of your mix from within the DAW, and send as many as 4-8-16 different tracks or submixes to Summing Mixer.
Your choice of the right summing mixer depends on your individual needs.
  • Can handle both balanced/unbalanced signal from synth like Moog, Nord, Yamaha etc.
  • Can handle large external instruments like samplers, tape machines, drummachines etc.
  • Can be fit to all brand of DAW interfaces like Digidesign 192, Avid HD I/O 16X16,Universal Audio, RME Fireface, Prism, Lynx Aurora, Apogee, Motu, Focusrite, Metric Halo, Steinberg MR816, and so on..
  • Can handle external signal processors eg. EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Multi Effects Processors like Massenburg, Drawmer S3, Lexicon, Alesis, Tube-Tech LCA2B, JoeMeek, FMR Audio RNC DBX, ART etc.
  • Can handle large number of external mic preamps like AMS Neve 1073,Aphex Channel, Great River, Avalon, Chandler Limited, Crane Song, SPL, Focusrite, Presonus, Midas, Summit Audio, ART Pro and so on…
  • Extremely simple, Discrete, pure, and transparent signal path.

Can be used for external DAW summing or as a line summing mixer for effects external pres,instruments, synths, drum machines or any (balanced/unbalanced) line signal! 

Why VM summing?

  • Other brand passive mixer  requires +30/+40dB makeup gain, thet require expensive gear to gain makeup without noise pick up.
  • The VintageMaker electronic circuit design is optimized to provide sufficient headroom to accommodate the signals from a large number of channels, as well as to maintain a sufficiently low noise floor.
  • More than 1500 happy customers around of the World since 2010!


Passive Summing mixer come by 3 type of gain make up requirements

*Basic Setup :-15dB by default please let me know before you make an order

  • LOW: -15dB gain up  ideal for entry level preamps or DAW mic pre or instrument input
  • MID: -20dB gain up  ideal for mid range preamps or DAW mic pre or instrument input
  • HIGH: -25dB (or more) gain up  ideal for high range preamps like Neve, Api, Avalon or DAW mic pre

Dual Stereo Balanced Summing Network from input to output

  • In/Out:Balanced, floating to ground
  • Insertion input resistance: -15dB / -20dB / -25dB or more  (order)
  • Output impedance 600-1k ohms balanced 
  • Output level: -15 dB nominal (basic setup)
  • Frequency response: 0-500Khz
  • Crosstalk 1Khz: -95dB
  • In/Out:   Balanced, floating to ground
  • Signal/ Noise rate: -110dB (RME HDSP tested, no DAW inputs connected)
  • TRS wiring: (Tip:HOT/,Ring:COLD/Sleeve:GROUND)
  • Pure hand made! Hand wired and tested point-to-point!
  • Selected VISHAY DALE military metal-film resistors!
  • Laser engraved massive aluminium alloy box!

Headroom – Dynamic-range space

  • Headroom is how much room has your audio signal has before it starts to get compressed and distorted.
  • Headroom – It provides buffer zone for harmonics, transients or loud sounds without risking clipping, which result a more dynamic open and wide, depth 3D sound. Also it provides space for Gentle Harmonics Distortion. 

In digital and analog audioheadroom refers to the amount by which the signal-handling capabilities of an audio system exceed a designated nominal level.[1]Headroom can be thought of as a safety zone allowing transient audio peaks to exceed the nominal level without damaging the system or the audio signal, e.g., via clipping. Standards bodies differ in their recommendations for nominal level and headroom. (wikipedia)

Driving the PASSIVE SIDE will add harmonics to help ‘image’ sounds. 

By proper gain staging can achieve the Analog Harmonics Sweet Spot

How to hit analog harmonic distortion ?

Simply boost up your DAW output Level (master fader) – and you get some “nice” distortion because you’re pushing the summing quite a bit over its nominal level  

read more about


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