Analog Line Switcher - Signal Router

Balanced audio switching device designed for balanced or unbalanced audio signals for signal routing for analog devices like DAW analog outputs, outboards or monitors. Utilizes DSUB DB25 XLR or TRS balanced connectors. Device requires no power for operation, this can be an advantage in applications where various regulatory compliances would otherwise be required. 1U, 2U or Desktop versions.

2U Rack 64 input 32 output analog balanced line switcher

1U Passive 2x5 (4x10) Monitor Studio Line Controller Router Switcher

Dual Stereo Balanced Passive Discrete Controller Speaker Selector 5 Way Stereo Line Switcher

1U Passive 2x4 (4x8) Signal Line Switcher

Desktop Line Switchers

Speaker Selection
Many engineers choose to include multiple sets of monitors in their studio. It’s not uncommon to see professional recording studios feature a pair of near-field monitors, a pair of far-field monitors, and one or two small cube-style monitors.

These different sets of monitors each have their own quirks, and allow you to hear how a track translates to different types of speakers. Rick Rubin famously keeps an old-school boombox in his studio for reference.

Monitor controllers typically feature multiple outputs so you can toggle between monitors with ease. Without a monitor controller, you’d have to crawl behind your desk and reconfigure your output connections manually.



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