Lawo Analog Studio Transformer Summing Mixer

If you’re searching for a summing mixer with a modern analog sound, characterized by pleasant analog-like distortion and beautiful harmonics, the Lawo transformer is the best choice

An excellent choice for finishing your final mixdown, the VintageMaker summing mixer delivers nice harmonics, punchy, and clean SSL-inspired overall blending. VintageMaker offers a wide range of summing mixers to meet all your DAW’s front-end needs.

“Excellent equal frequency distribution all over the spectrum, Bass frequencies are well balanced from bottom mid all over to sub” Dejan Radievic producer

16×2 Lawo DV975 (all style) summing

949 € + shipping  ORDER Would you like a better price for the product? Make an offer!

Availability: Limited-Quantities

Modern Analog Vibe – Nice harmonics ssl style sound – All style purposes


Excellent frequency distribution over the spectrum, low frequencies are well balanced (from bottom mid all over to sub) with legendary Pikatron audio transformers

Basic Version D-Sub In/ TRS Out

  • Basic Version D-Sub In/ TRS Out 
  • Amp type: LawoDV975 
  • 16 input DB25/DSUB (basic) or TRS 1/4″ BALANCED (order)
  • 2 x Stereo OUT TRS Balanced (MainRec/Monitor)
  • 2 x Stereo to 4 Mono Switch on ST1/ST2 = 4 MONO
  • Master Active/Passive 2in1 option by switch
  • Master Insert Send/Return by TRS AUTO SWITCH
  • *you can order with front switches for 40 Euro extra see INSERT DOCS
  • 21 Step Precision Lawo MASTER GAIN POT
  • PSU: 110-240VAC to 18-24 VDC 0,6-1,5A (world wide) EU plug
  • *out of EU you need EU to US/UK/AU plug travel power adaptor
  • Unique Name or Logo engrave design (order)
  • Power Led: White, Red, Green, Yellow or Blue?

For TRS Input add 50 € extra For XLR Out add 50 € extra

  • Full balanced dual stereo discrete signal path from input to output!

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best cheap professional summing mixer
lawo summing mixer

Update – January 2023

Lawo transformer cards are extreme rare nowadays. Due to difficult acquisition Lawo cards can be temporary out of stock. Please contact for actual availability.

Customer Reviews

Paul’s Summing Box – the real thing!

My box is summing 32 inputs (16×2), has 2 Stereo-Outs and uses Lawo-Transformers and what can I say: it does exactly what I was looking for. Every little thing, every detail in the mix – instruments, voices, reverb, etc – seems to be placed right where I want it to be. Actually I thought, all the time there has been a curtain between my ears and my Genelec monitors which has finally raised.

I am very happy with this setup and I want to thank Paul for all his support and the really fine work he has done for me and my studio. Thanks! read more on gearslutz

Lawo 16×4 with 4 x 4 input group sum bus


2U 42 Input special 5 group bus unique summing mixer

16 input Lawo dsub trs

32 input Lawo TRS in TRS out

Customer review -Lawo 32 channel summing mixer

Resolution and stereo image: first thing I’ve noticed was that mix is “glued together”. I have a feeling of working with a tape, like the nasty transients are smoother, thus allowing for a warmer mix. It has a certain “velvety” feel to it. I also have the feeling that haufe transformers generate additional harmonics, that make the impression of excellent equal frequency distribution all over the spectrum. Mix is not dull or over exited, just plain great analog sounding.
Stereo image is unbelievable. A huge step up from MiB (mix in a box). Bass frequencies are well balanced (from bottom mid all over to sub) Dejan Radievic read more on gearslutz/gearspace

Custom designed 4- 96 input channel mixers

21 step precision Lawo and monitor attenuator
Main and Monitor control

dual insert send return
active passive 2in1 mixer

multi insert monitor control attenuator
Lawo Studio Mixer

4 x stereo to mono with direct input
Lawo summing box

dual insert send return
16 input trs balanced

studio mixer insert
dual stereo trs insert