LittleOne 8 – 10 – 14 -16 Desktop Analog Studio Summing Mixers

Upgrade your DAW Interface’s Sound Card with an Analog Summing Mixer and get the warm analog-console-like sound!

8 – 10 – 14 16 channel input box Desktop Analog Studio Summing Mixers

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Why VintageMaker Summing Mixer?

Simply because you get the finest perfect mixer for Your studio (DAW Interface) working range!

Why your summing box must be in the working range of your DAW interface?

Designing the summing box to operate within the working range of your DAW interface is crucial as it results in the highest achievable sound quality, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and Headroom.

Do not find your setup?

Send me your desired summing configuration, then I make the best gear for your studio! You can get an many channels and options you want. Large and Wide Configuration Flexibility. Pure hand made unique gears since 2010′

Customer question about summing SUM BUS reduction

1. Not entirely sure what this means, this is a total output reduction for Desktop Analog Studio Summing Mixers ? 

Answer: As all summing boxes have to have reduction by resistor network for proper analog signal mixing summing. *the reduction provides HEADROOM – safe zone for transients, loud sounds without clippingThe resistor value determines the dB reduction relative to 0dB per channel.The -6.5dB is the minimum reduction which can handle almost enough headroom (safe zone) for summing purposes.*6.5dB reduction is relative to 1 channel input.If you send near 0dB to 6 channels the total output reduction will be approx -1- 2dB  (here come the -10dB Pad for safety purposes) simple physics, the bigger the input signal, the bigger the main output signal

2. What do you recommend for my tracking drums (and maybe other instruments) to tape?

Answer: If the output signal from the DAW output /preamps/eqs/compressors it exceeds 0dB in the summing inputs:1. this will give some nice real analog harmonic distortion (that’s the plan beside of the analog mixing)2. you may need additional -10dB reduction, luckily that you have by the PAD switchSo the Basic -6.5dB (+) -10dB PAD switch will be suitable for a low reduction passive analog summation. Theoretically you have a -6.5dB sum bus reduction (if you send near 0dB signal to summing) the (-6.5dB) reduction will be almost loaded, and here comes the PAD that will give you a larger playground for different gain stages.if the output signal is too much = PAD switch ON if the output signal is low = PAD switch OFF + turn up the DAW output / preamps/eqs/compressor volumes + turn up the DAW mic preamp inputs 

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Customer feedback
I did some research, and Neve 5059 Satellite 16×2 + 2 seems as an excellent choice, but is bloody expensive. I was able to test Dangerous Music D-box, which is active as well, and to my surprise I didn’t hear any colour at all. It is transparent and clean, but gives me approximetely the same results as your passive LittleOne 8. Thanks Paul! Alexey Kononenko

Customer: Hi Paul, I do have 24 outputs of the Motu. The first 16 outputs are being routed into my SSL X-Desk 8 Line-in and 8 Alt-In channels with SuperAnalogue SSL Summing, but since I have an extra 8 outputs on the Motu, I’d like to sum those and route that out into one of the 2 SuperAnalogue Stereo Return channels on the SSL X-Desk, and I think one LittleOne 8-channel summing box will fit in quite well.

Hey Paul!
Managed to achieve that “gentle analog distortion” as you said, the key factor is the gain staging.
Simply by a higher volume should go to the inputs.
It’s very easy, just boost up your DAW output Level (master fader) – and you get some “nice” distortion because you’re pushing the summing mixer inputs quite a bit over its nominal level. Thanks! David Tickler

Desktop Analog Studio Summing Mixers. Crafted for precision and customization, these mixers redefine your studio’s sonic landscape. Tailor your setup, optimize SNR, and elevate your creative process with our state-of-the-art summing mixers. Explore the fusion of technology and artistry for an unparalleled studio experience.