Lawo summing box

32 input 2BUS + 2BUS 4-BUS Lawo Analog Summing Mixer

2-BUS+2-BUS – 4 four bus Custom Analog Summing Mixer 32 input channel 4 x sub group

Lawo summing box
4 x master insert

4 x master insert
4 x master insert

4 x master insert
32 ch summing mixer with 4 x master insert

32 ch summing mixer
32 ch summing mixer

32 ch summing mixer
32 ch summing mixer

32 ch summing mixer
32 ch summing mixer


1U Rack unit
Lawo DV975 NOS
32 in DB25 balanced
4 out TRS balanced (Main/Monitor)
5 x STM on 1/2, 11/12, 17/18, 19/20, 25/26
4 x Subgroups DB25 with SND/RET on off switches
Channel 1-16 –> Group A
Channel 17-24 –> Group B
Channel 25-30 –> Group C
Channel 31-32 –> Group D
21 step precision Lawo gain ctrl
*regular round style knob
110-240V external PSU EU plug
Power LED: Blue
Gratis Custom Name engraving 

The Lawo DV975 Analog Summing Mixer is a 1U rack unit that packs an impressive array of features.

With 32 inputs via DB25 balanced connectors and 4 outputs via TRS balanced connectors for main and monitor, this unit can handle a lot of audio sources.

One standout feature is the 5 STM (Stereo to Mono) switches which allow for easy mixing of stereo sources. These are located on channels 1/2, 11/12, 17/18, 19/20, and 25/26, making it simple to configure your setup as needed.

The DV975 summing also includes 4 subgroups with SND/RET on/off switches, providing flexibility for routing and processing channels. Channels 1-16 are assigned to Group A, channels 17-24 to Group B, channels 25-30 to Group C, and channels 31-32 to Group D.

Another great feature is the 21-step precision Lawosumming box  gain control. This allows for fine-tuning of levels and ensures accurate and consistent signal processing. The regular round style knob makes it easy to adjust the gain quickly and intuitively.

Overall, the Lawo DV975  is a well-designed and versatile unit that would be a great addition to any professional audio setup. Its compact size and range of features make it ideal for use in a variety of settings, from small studios to larger broadcast environments. If you’re looking for a high-quality 1U rack unit for your audio mixing needs, the Lawo DV975 is definitely worth considering.

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