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Check out the most trending products. Desktop & Rack mounted Passive & Active Summing Mixers and Desktop Studio Monitor Controllers. What If I Can’t Find a Product I’m Looking For? Visit Custom Order section. More than 2000 happy customers since 2010.

best summing box products
best summing box products

Why analog summing? Because you want to sound like pro. Good sound sells and make best first impression of your music and this is most important in modern music. Analog creates harmonics as well as saturation which makes sound colored warmer, fatter, richer.

why analog summing
Master active passive insert bypass
Read reviews from Grammy Nominated Mixing & Recording Engineers, home studio producers, commercial studio engineers, well-known performers, artists, instrumental musicians, studio managers – Gearslutz Gearspace – Ask Audio – Audiofanzine and so on.
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Custom engineered summing mixers and studio monitor controllers designed specifically for Your needs as a Home recording studio, Commercial recording studio or post production facility. Let’s build your unique analog gear from 4 Input – up to 96 Input channel.

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best summing mixer studio mastering

Summing Mixer – Additional Options Connection, In, Out, Master mono, Phase switch, Direct input, Expansion, Master Active/Passive 2in1, Master Insert Send, Auto TRS, STM option, Channel Insert, Group Send, Mix Bus Matrix Sub Group and more…

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stereo to mono summing conversion switch

More than 300 different custom designed studio equipment! Check out our huge database of unique designed audio equipment. Browse our Analog Summing Mixer range from 4 channels to as many as 96 input channels. Send me your plans and we work out your with you your dream machine designed for your studio.

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What People Say About VintageMaker

After some testing and comparing to the Shadow Hills and Rupert Neve, I´m happy to tell you that your summing mixer is playing in the same league.
The difference are not huge, but they are listenable, and i like what I´m hearing with yours.

For me (and also a very good friend and mastering engineer) it´s even better in the sound then the others I´ve compared it to.

I finally went with yours and I´m very happy with this decision.

So all in all, i´m so happy with this unit. I will sell my Neve and give back the Shadow Hills. Thanks so much. Moritz

Jurij Ricotti - JGR Studios

I should firstly like to say something in defence of my VM Mixer, Vintage Maker is my best choice for sound engineer wants a real analog summing with custom components. VM is a piece of gear of my entire process.

As explained, the main difference is the 3D spatial effect created with phase summing in analog world, 8 tracks summed sound much better than digital summing, and certain software like Harrison Mix Bus makes a great virtual summing more than Protools, Cubase etc. 16 Tracks summed in analog are more wide than 8, and 24 tracks are incredibly wide and beautiful than only 8 summed. I’ve tested a lot of converters before my final choice Ferrofish, Creamwear, Beheringer, Apogee, etc. Ferrofish and VM seems to be my best “clean” choice. Read full review….

Gearslutz - Gearspace

Go with a vintage maker.
Great guy with fantastic sounding summing mixers at a very reasonable cost. You can get an many channels and options you want. You could get one larger or more featured than what I have posted for under $3k. But here is the cool part.

He builds each unit to order, you can layout the panel as you like, and get whatever options and channel counts you want. He asked if I wanted a red or blue power LED. I went blue.
What makes this work is the summing matrix only has center, right, and left. The stereo imaging is fantastic.

You can have as many features you want at real low cost for ultimate quality.

Incredible value for money

George Necola

I guess it’s not worth posting mixes as you change your workflow when you get a summing mixer.

I did shootout the VintageMaker with the Burl bomber, the Dangerous 2 BUS, the Shadow Hills Equinox
and ended up keeping the VintageMaker.

Doing Live-sound since 1997 and studio stuff since 1999. Worked with many artists mostly in the Metal-Domain (Meshuggah, Eluveitie, Gorefest… and also a lot of local heroes) live and with some in the studio read more…

professional studio mixer designed for George Necola
analog summing mixer

Thanks Paul for my Vintage Maker Neumann V475 2a Analogue Summing Mixer.

Paul custom made this unit to match my mix setup. I have a small home studio I use to record and mix local punk bands as well as my own. The analogue vintage sound is a sound that I’ve always strived for but felt was lacking from my mixes and I simply can’t afford the big brand name studio gear. So I thought I’d give Vintage Maker a go. What can I say…I love it. The analogue grit I was looking for I now have and my mixes now sound a lot more punk. It definitely makes my humble studio setup sound more professional. Much more clarity and warmth in my mixes. Its very easy to use and simple to set up. I recommend this summing mixer to anyone looking to go OTB for some analogue goodness. It’s affordable and sounds great. I’m very glad I made the purchase read more about….

Neumann mixer analog summing
3U 19" standard rack unit Neumann

Continuum Music Studio USA

Paul the owner of VintageMaker 
is one of the most passionate people we have ever done business with inside the small pro audio world.

Paul has an extensive knowledge of gear and has been making custom summing mixers to order for years. Paul offers options and customization that no other company (to our knowledge) offers. Not to mention the VintageMaker summing mixers can be made with both active and passive circuitry along with other flexible options which makes these summing mixers a no brain for any producer or audio engineer. read more…

32 input dsub xlr out dual balanced stereo
Neumann 64 group matrix analog summing mixer

What is the analog summing mixer?

The summing mixer is an analog hardware (audio mixer) for turning (mixing) multitracks into a master stereo L/R.

While a digital system (eg. digital mixer, DAW mixer) rounds off all values for level, pan, eq-ing and compression, the analog summing technique operates with an infinitely high resolution, causing no rounding errors or digital distortions. The analog domain offers a number of great advantages like pleasant harmonics compared to the simple “DAW bounce-function”. In digital and analog audio, headroom refers to the amount by which the signal-handling capabilities of an audio system exceed a designated nominal level.

Analog audio mixing  is the process by which multiple sounds are combined into one or more channels. In the process, a source’s volume level, frequency content, dynamics, and panoramic position are manipulated or enhanced. This practical, aesthetic, or otherwise creative treatment is done in order to produce a finished version that is appealing to listeners. Also is a process of mixing down recorded tracks to a single stereo track, so it can be printed or rendered to a final stereo file. (source wikipedia)

Why analog summing mixer?

Summing Mixer is simply combining summing DAW interface audio sound card outputs, or external synthesizer, drum machine audio output signals are summed analogue domain.

What exactly does a summing mixer?

Beside of combining signals, It provides Headroombuffer safe zone for harmonics, transients or loud sounds without risking clipping, which result a more dynamic open and wide, depth 3D sound, just like the good old analog days.  Read more about on Vintage Maker Summing Mixer analog summing site.

When mixing on a computer, ie. DAW  (DAWs are used for the production and recording of music, songs, speech, radio, television, soundtracks, podcasts, sound effects and nearly any other situation where complex recorded audio is needed)many prefer to sum the tracks in the analog domain, which can result in more depth of field and a wider, more defined stereo image.

Digital summing is performed by software (Pro Tools, Cubase, Reaper, Ableton etc.) inside a computer, these processes are done mathematically inside a computer employing complex binary arithmetic or floating point calculations.

Why Passive Summing mixer gain reduction – gain loss?

Roughly, the passive summing network have summing resistors placed on each channel input. This resistor (Vishay Dale) provides load isolation and improves channel to channel isolation, since the voltage gain of the amplifier and the signal loss across the summing resistor compensates the gain across the summing buss and amplifier is 1 or unity gain. A resistor is a passive two-terminal electrical component that implements electrical resistance as a circuit element. In electronic circuits, resistors are used to reduce current flow, adjust signal levels, to divide voltages.

The Vintage Maker Passive Summing mixer come by 3 type of gain make up requirements, by this easy can fit the passive summing to an existing external microphone preamp pr DAW interface mic preamp or instrument line input

Extra Low: -6.5dB

LOW: -15dB gain up ideal for entry level preamps or DAW mic pre or instrument input

MID: -20dB gain up ideal for mid range preamps or DAW mic pre or instrument input

HIGH: -25dB (or more) gain up ideal for high range preamps like Neve, Api, Avalon or DAW mic pre

By prior consultation the mixer can be designed for your / customer DAW mic preamp working range, so by this you can use your DAW interface mic preamp without any compromises. You can customize your desired summing setup here

Active Summing Mixer

Active analog summing mixers have complex circuitry that provides additional amplification. An audio amplifier is an electronic amplifier that amplifies low-power electronic audio signals. An amplifier, electronic amplifier or (informally) amp is an electronic device that can increase the power of a signal (a time-varying voltage or current). It is a two-port electronic circuit that uses electric power from a power supply to increase the amplitude of a signal applied to its input terminals, producing a proportionally greater amplitude signal at its output.(wikipedia) 


Paul Taylor – founder of Vintage Maker, former producer, low-current engineer, composer, musician – piano player.

For over 12 years Vintage Maker has been dedicated to the art of handcrafted supremely refined professional studio audio equipment. All equipment is built to fulfill the individual needs and tastes of audio engineer and is a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and superb craftsmanship.

“My goal is to make the best audio equipment for studio enthusiasts”

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