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Custom engineered summing mixers - studio monitor controllers designed specifically for Your needs as a Home recording studio, Commercial recording studio or post production facility.
Let's build your unique analog gear.
From 4 Input - up to 96 Input channel.


Why analog summing? Because you want to sound like pro! Good sound sells and make best first impression of your music and this is most important in modern music. Also creates 1st, 2nd, 3rd harmonics as well as saturation which makes sound colored so called warmer, fatter, richer.


More than 150 custom designed equipment!
Check out our huge database of unique designed audio equipment. Browse our Analog Summing Mixer range from 4 channels to as many as 96 input channels.


Summing Mixer - Additional Options
Connection, In, Out, Master mono, Phase switch, Direct input, Expansion, Master Active/Passive 2in1, Master Insert Send, Auto TRS, STM option, Channel Insert, Group Send, Matrix Sub Group


Read reviews from real customers. Opinion from home studio producers, commercial studio engineers, Grammy Nominated Mixing & Recording Engineers, well-known performers, artists, instrumental musicians and so on.

What People Say About VintageMaker

Moritz Bintig - Producer

After some testing and comparing to the Shadow Hills and Rupert Neve, i´m happy to tell you that your summing amp is playing in the same league.
The difference are not huge, but they are listenable, and i like what i´m hearing with yours.
For me (and also a very good friend and mastering engineer) it´s even better in the sound then the others i´ve compared it to.
I finally went with yours and I´m very happy with this decision.
So all in all, i´m so happy with this unit. I will sell my Neve and give back the Shadow Hills. Thanks so much.
Jurij Ricotti-JGR Studios
I should firstly like to say something in defence of my VM Mixer,Vintage Maker is my best choice for sound engineer wants a real analog summing with custom components. VM is a piece of gear of my entire process. As explained, the main difference is the 3D spatial effect created with phase summing in analog world, 8 tracks summed sound much better than digital summing, and certain software like Harrison Mix Bus makes a great virtual summing more than Protools, Cubase etc. 16 Tracks summed in analog are more wide than 8, and 24 tracks are incredibly wide and beautiful than only 8 summed. I've tested a lot of converters before my final choice Ferrofish, Creamwear, Beheringer, Apogee, etc. Ferrofish and VM seems to be my best "clean" choice.
Go with a vintage maker.
Great guy with fantastic sounding summing mixers at a very reasonable cost. You can get an many channels and options you want. You could get one larger or more featured than what I have posted for under $3k. But here is the cool part.
He builds each unit to order, you can layout the panel as you like, and get whatever options and channel counts you want. He asked if I wanted a red or blue power LED. I went blue.
What makes this work is the summing matrix only has center, right, and left. The stereo imaging is fantastic.

You can have as many features you want at real low cost for ultimate quality.


Paul Taylor – founder of Vintage Maker, former producer, low-current engineer, composer, musician – piano player. 

For over 10 years Vintage Maker has been dedicated to the art of handcrafted supremely refined professional studio audio equipment. All equipment is built to fulfill the individual needs and tastes of audio engineer and is a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and superb craftsmanship.

“My goal is to make the best audio equipment for studio enthusiasts”

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