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Summing Mixer Setup – Documentation – Additional Options – Components

see diagrams and descriptions – select additional features – components

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Table of contents

Summing Mixer – Standard Connections

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Input channels

Channel Count and Connection type  (select)

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Output channels

Channel Count and Connetor Type  (select)

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Master Active – Passive – switch

It gives a DUAL OPERATION (function) for your mixer – you can select between diverse transformer amps, giving a large playground for DIFFERENT SOUND COLOR CHARACTER of your mixes – see Youtube video…

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Input Channel (L/R)  – convert to Mono – switch

Hard Pan L/R input to CENTER SWITCH – for monos like Kick Bass Snare Vocal…

Mono switch = extra stable real analog mono base for your mix (eg. kick and bass) – then a superior separation, 3D depth for stereo instruments – like on large-format analog recording consoles


  • Save precious analog channels
  • True Analog Mono – center placed in the stereo pan field
  • 1 Mono = 1CH – instead to waste stereo – 2 analog L/R for a mono like Kick or Bass

1 x Switch or 2 x Switch

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summing mixer youtube video

Master Insert Send Return Switch

Allows to SEND master stereo L/R signal to external processors like EQ, Comp, Limiter, then RETURN to master out (print / record)

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Multi Master Insert Send Return chain

Multiple SEND/RETURN = Free Select  – exclude or include – INSERT or BYPASS (any one) whichever external gear in the chain see youtube…

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Auto TRS – Master Insert – Send – Return

Automatically switching audio channels to SEND out when the jack plug is inserted.

  • TRS JACK UNPLUGGED = NO SEND = Signal next to Master outputs
  • The INTERNAL AUTO INSERT SEND BYPASS switch is active ONLY AFTER you actually insert a plug into the SEND  TRS socket! 
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Master Out – ON/OFF – (MUTE) – switches

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Out – A or B – (SELECT) – switch

Select exclusively A/B output 

Master Stereo to Mono switch

Mix – Mono Compatibility Test switch

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Phase Invert switch

Phase Invert R side of the stereo signal

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Built In - Inside - Integrated Monitor Control - controller

Direct Monitoring – Inut to Output – Monitor Through Summing Mixer Switch (1xSwitch)

Input 1/2 route to master out / rest summing inputs remains active (mute them from DAW)

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Direct Monitoring Switch + Bypass Summing Switch (2xSwithes)

Input 1/2 route to master out + Bypass – Mute rest summing inputs (input can be selected freely)

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Expansion AUX input

Linking another (second slave) Passive or Active summing unit or Line Input

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Channel Insert Send Return

Stereo Input channel insert send return

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Multibus Group Send with fixed inputs

Sub Group summing for MultiBus Compression technique

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Multi-bus compression routing Matrix

ABCD BUS matrix swtich for MULTI BUSS  compression / external routing process. 

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Gold Plated – Precision gain control

21 step precision resistor based internal amp gain control potentiometer

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Variable Headroom Gain Switch

Placed after passive SUM BUS (passive mixer) determines main out (total) gain reduction – for different (pre amps) applications – gain stage – volume range.

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Knob Style and Color (please select)

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External Power Supply 

  • *out of Europe you need a cheap EU to US/UK/AU ac travel plug adaptor

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transformer sound studio mix diy pro summing mixer
transformer sound studio mix diy pro summing mixer

Pan Pot 

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pan pot