Neumann PEV-b – the cream of the passive EQ’s
Equalizer with Summing Mixer

Neumann PEV-b – the cream of the passive EQ’s

Fantastic and rare Neumann Eq great sound, incredible bass, and fantastic highs.

Neumann Equalizer
Neumann PEVb pev-b equalizer
  • Great EQ on master buss – or on individual instruments
  • Matched Pair – calibrated  recapped
  • Built in 32 input Passive Summing Mixer

Originally only found in the early 60’s Neumann vinyl cutting lathes/transfer consoles these rare passive EQ cartridges consist of a 60Hz low shelf, a midrange with seven frequency choices, and a 10 kHz high shelf. Effectively they are like an expensive tone control for your audio and can quickly & broadly re-shape the tone of your mix in a very musical manner.

The sound of these EQ’s can be described as ‘smooth’ & ‘broad’. The low end is large and creamy, the mids smooth & buttery, the highs smooth & silky.

Price: 3800 Euro + shipping

2U Standard Rack Unit
Neumann Equalizer:
Direct In Left (DIR) TRS / XLR Balanced input
Direct In Right (DIR) TRS / XLR Balanced input
Direct out Left (DIR) TRS / XLR Balanced output
Direct out Right (DIR) TRS / XLR Balanced output
Master Insert/Send/Return TRS balanced by Auto TRS Send
*the signal was non interrupted if nothing connected to SEND
Source Select Switch: Direct in (TRS/XLR) or SUMMING
Bypass EQ/Send trough EQ Switches

32 input Passive Summing: -15dB gain loss rel to 0dB
16 Input (1-16) TRS Balanced
16 Input (17-32) D-SUB Tascam Analog Balanced
Master Insert/Send/Return TRS balanced by Auto TRS Send
*the signal was non interrupted if nothing connected to SEND
2 x Stereo to Mono input conversion switch = 8 Mono
Direct Monitoring switch on input 1/2 read more about
OUT Select switch: post insert signal to:
Up – SEL DIR/SUM Switch (EQ)
Down – Summing OUT1/OUT2
Power ON/OFF Switch
Power LED: Blue
World Wide PSU: 110-240 VAC to 24VDC EU plug

*you need a cheap EU to UK/US/AU plug converter

Customer reviews:

The Neumann PEV is a parametric EQ that very hard to find. I’ve only ever seen one of these in my life and only got to use it the one time.


Using the Neumann PEV is very simple, and as long as you have basic knowledge about how to use a parametric EQ, I think you’ll be okay.


The sound quality of the Neumann PEV is superb. It is both clean sounding and adds a bit of grit to your sound as well. The PEV is suitable for any and all genres and applications
as it is a sound that translates well and simply does its job well.


While the Neumann PEV is an extremely hard piece of gear to find, if you are interested in unique and rare pieces of outboard gear, this would be quite a find. I’m sure that the price would cost a lot, but I haven’t looked too deeply into the price as these are few and far between. All I can really say is that if you ever have the chance to try out the PEV, definitely give it a shot as I think you’ll be pleased with what you hear. Neumann does make a variety of other outboard gear, but the PEV is one of my favorites that I have tried. 



No gain make up after summing, because is a low gain loss summing network, it have -15dB reduction relative to 0dB, also you can insert a MicPreamp on Summing SEND/RETURN TRS.
Sending 16 channels to summing (on all stereo and mono outs I use izotope maximizer) as result the summed master out signal was around -4 to -6 dB’s. On master record I use Izotope maximizer. I’m not sound engineer, playing around with this in my home studio, I can say this EQ it makes more better my bad mixes, +4dB on lows, and +2dB on 10khz. So it’s not so urgent to sell, i really love it.  

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