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best diy cheap studio controller mixer

Best Custom Hand Made Mini Desktop Analog Summing Mixers

okay, that would be a bold statement –  this desktop analog gear have the one of the best reputation in the market of  passive summing mixers.

The analog mixing technique has shifted these days mostly to the passive summing part (I have Grammy-winning producer – customer who use with great success passive summing gears) because it’s more easy and more convenient to switch between different external amps or mic pres like yours, beside of DAW interface mic preamps.
Shortly you are NOT forced to use always / all time the internal summing amp.
Different external amp = Different sound character
So what I mean here?
If you have some nice preamps – or just like your transparent DAW interface mic preamp – you don’t need a Neumann summing mixer, or expensive amps, the good news here: You can go for a passive summing mixer designed for your studio gears.
mini studio mixer
main monitor 2x stereo balanced out
passive summing mixer littleone wide 2xSTM dsub trs
desktop mini mixer
Passive Stereo Summing Mixer solution without compromises​

Custom summing what does it mean?

Simply the mixer will be tailored to your studio, designed for your needs, built for your gears, like for your DAW interface sound card or mic preamp work range – by this customisation you are not forced to work with compromises, you can focus to your creative work.

If you are looking for a desktop mini studio summing mixer with similar quality like 1U or 2U rack passive units, you are at the right place. Mix your DAW, Synth and Drum Machine without compromises. You can customize yourself the best cost effective custom made mini analog summing mixer for your studio needs.

Customer review: 

“Cool passive summing noiseless, infinite headroom and no power required. The best way to mix outside the computer, enjoy clip free summing and then use the different mic pres of your choice to send your mix back to your DAW. “

Add more analog warmth and 3D content, separation to your mixes read more about analog mixing, summing mixer setup

When buying a studio mixer we are looking for high quality gears with great sonic fidelity, transparency, efficiency, low noise and so on.  Vintage Maker desktop summing mixers are designed and hand made – built by high quality parts, therefore highly recommended for DAW, SYNTH and DRUM MACHINE analog mixing for professional, commercial and home recording studio purposes.

Why Vintage Maker summing mixer ?

The answer is simple:

You can customize yourself  Your summing mixer setup roughly:

  1. Number of input channels: 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 – 12 – 14 – 16 – 18  – 20 – 22 or 24 input

  2. Connection type: TRS 1/4″ or D-SUB DB25 Balanced

  3. Number of output channels: 2 out (1xStereo L/R) or 4 out (2xStereo L/R) MainRec / Monitor out

  4. Connection type: TRS 1/4″ or D-SUB DB25 Balanced or XLR Balanced out

  5. Stereo to Mono input conversion switch for Mono instruments like bass / kick / snare

*However, for mono signals (such as kick, snares, lead vocals or bass that should appear in the middle of a mix), it would be a waste to use Stereo L/R panned channels what would amount to two (2) required converters for a mono result.

Read more about Stereo to Mono input conversion:

stereo mono switch studio mixer
stereo to mono summing conversion switch

Why choose LittleOne desktop summing mixer?

You can order different gain reduction mixers as: -10dB, -15dB, -20dB, -25dB or more (let me know about your DAW mic preamp gain range)

  • Requires only +15 dB of make-up gain. (basic setup)
  • Fully balanced solid state network & switching network from input to output.
  • Can be left “free” unconnected inputs 2-4-6! No unused input problem!
  • No thermal noise on passive mode due to custom-developed balanced summing network.
  • Absolutely repeatability DAW control: Volume Panorama, EQ, and effects sends of your mix from within the DAW, and send as many as 2-4-6-8 different tracks or submixes to Summing Mixer.
  • Can handle both balanced/unbalanced signal from synth like Moog, Nord, Yamaha etc.
  • Can handle large external instruments like samplers, tape machines, drum machines etc.
  • Can be fit to all brand of DAW interfaces like Digidesign 192, Avid HD I/O 16X16,Universal Audio, RME Fireface, Prism, Lynx Aurora, Apogee, Motu, Focusrite, Metric Halo, Steinberg MR816, and so on..
  • Can handle external signal processors eg. EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Multi Effects Processors like Massenburg, Drawmer S3, Lexicon, Alesis, Tube-Tech LCA2B, JoeMeek, FMR Audio RNC DBX, ART etc.
  • Can handle large number of external mic preamps like AMS Neve 1073,Aphex Channel, Great River, Avalon, Chandler Limited, Crane Song, SPL, Focusrite, Presonus, Midas, Summit Audio, ART Pro and so on…
  • Extremely simple, Discrete, pure, and transparent signal path.
  • Can be used for external DAW summing or as a line summing mixer for effects external pres,instruments, synths, drum machines or any (balanced/unbalanced) line signal! 
  • Other passive summing mixers on the marketplace requires +30/+40dB makeup gain!
  • More than 2000 happy customers since 2010!