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What does Analog Summing mixer do

Using analog summing help you achieve a more professional sound for your music.

Customer feedback:

I can say that Paul’s passive analog mix bus summing box is really cool and extremely well-made. It is completely noiseless, has infinite headroom, and requires no power, making it the best way to mix outside of the computer and achieve clip-free summing. I also appreciate the flexibility it provides in allowing me to use the mic pres of my choice to send my mix back to my DAW for recording and mixing. Having owned both the Dangerous 2 Buss and the Roll Folcrom, I can confidently say that this summing box easily holds its own with those high-quality units. Overall, I highly recommend Paul’s summing mixers for anyone looking to elevate their mixing game.

By proper gain staging It can eliminate digital harshness, distortion, and a squashed sound that can occur when mixing solely on a computer.

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Analog Summing Mixer

The VintageMaker summing mixer is designed to provide sufficient headroom for multiple channels and maintain a low noise floor.

Analog summing operates with infinitely high resolution, avoiding rounding errors or digital distortions that can occur with digital systems.

Overall, analog summing offers many advantages over simply using the “DAW bounce-function” for your mixes.

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