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10-In 2-Out Line-Mic 5-In 1-Out Microphone Switch Analog Balanced Audio Line Splitter XLR Switcher Patchbay


Analog Balanced Audio Line Splitter Switcher Patchbay XLR Microphone Switch – a stereo balanced passive line selector with standard high-quality instrument signal switching. Experience a discrete signal path and pure analog technology with our top-notch patchbay

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Analog Balanced Audio Line Splitter Switcher Patchbay Microphone Switch

Introducing our cutting-edge 2U Rack custom built analog rack, a robust solution for your audio signal management needs. This versatile device features 10 inputs and 2 outputs for line-level signals, offering seamless integration into your studio setup. Additionally, it boasts a specialized section with 5 inputs and 1 output dedicated to microphone signals, ensuring optimal connectivity for a variety of audio sources.

This Studio XLR Microphone Switch is designed for professionals seeking a top-tier stereo balanced passive line selector. It adheres to the industry-standard for high-quality instrument signal switching, providing an unparalleled audio experience. The device guarantees a discrete signal path, preserving the integrity of your audio signals, while embracing the essence of pure analog studio technology.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our audio line splitter patchbay switcher housed in a compact 2U rack unit is engineered to elevate your studio’s performance. Whether you are a seasoned audio engineer or a budding music producer, this device promises reliability, flexibility, and superior sound quality, making it an indispensable asset for your studio arsenal. Elevate your audio production to new heights with our Studio Microphone Switch – where innovation meets excellence.


8 XLR IN – 2 XLR OUT, 2 XLR IN – 8 XLR OUT, 8 TRS IN – 2 TRS OUT, 2 TRS IN – 8 TRS OUT, 8 XLR IN – 2 TRS OUT, 2 XLR IN – 8 TRS OUT, 8 TRS IN – 2 XLR OUT, 2 TRS IN – 8 XLR OUT, 8 DSUB IN – 2 TRS OUT, 8 DSUB IN – 2 XLR OUT, OTHER – let me know


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