10 Input ch Analog Summing Mixer for UAD Apollo x8 – x8p – Desktop Box


10 in – 4 out (MainRec/Monitor out) – Passive Summing Mixer Box for UAD Apollo x8 – x8P or Focusrite, Motu, M-Audio, Presonus, Behringer, Roland, Tascam, RME, SSL, Apogee, Arturia MiniFuse or other (let me know)

Maximize the full potential of your UAD Apollo Unison Preamps. Route your mix audio tracks to the Summing Mixer, and then record back the final analog mix using the legendary Helios, Neve 1073, Manley, Century Tube, Avalon, Luna API, SSL, UA610, Avalon Preamp emulations to get the Real Analog-Console 3D wide sound character

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Upgrade your DAW Interface’s Sound Card with an Analog Summing Mixer and get the warm analog-console-like sound. Stereo Balanced studio grade high quality warm signal path.

Build time: 10 Working Weekdays after cleared payment

LittleOne Wide 10×4 TRS/TRS summing mixer designed for UAD Apollo x8 8x (-20dB) Unison Preamps as well as Motu, Focusrite, Presonus, Prism, Roland, Tascam US, RME Firewire, and USB Antelope Orion interfaces. Feel free to request your summing for different interface type, more inputs/outputs, or connectors like DSUB or XLR!

Stereo to Mono: It gives an extra stable analog mono base for your mix (Kick / Bass) then a superior separation and 3D depth for additional stereos.

Passive Summing Box for UAD Apollo x8 – x8p Focusrite, Motu, M-Audio, Presonus, Behringer, Roland, Tascam, RME, SSL, Apogee, Arturia MiniFuse or other (let me know)

10 TRS input / 4 TRS output summing mixer with 1 x Stereo to 2 – Mono with Direct Monitoring (OUT or SUM) switch designed for Universal Audio UAD Apollo x8 interface Unison Preamps, (or Focusrite /Motu / Presonus / or other sound card, let me know)

  • Input: 10 ch TRS 1/4″ Balanced
  • Output:  2xStereo / 4 x TRS Balanced L/R Main/Monitor (common)
  • 1 x Stereo to 2 Mono on 1/2 stereo input (mono kick/bass)
  • 9/10 OUT SWITCH: signal straight to Master Outputs – Direct Monitoring – Input to Output – Monitor switch
  • **You don’t have to unplug In “everyday” work UAD monitor out routed directly to the summing mixer (pre production, programming, editing etc)unstead switch 7/8 to out OUT mode and you have the direct Input to Output routing.
  • 9/10 DOWN = Regular summing mixer mode
  • 9/10 UP (OUT) = 9/10 inputs Straight to Master outputs
  • *Summing 1-8 inputs are still active (mute from daw)
  • *Equivalent signal on both stereo outputs
  • **If you need exclusive 1-8 mute with 9/10 active monitoring please ask for the Total Bypass feature…
  • Unique Name engrave (let me know)
  • see signal routing diagram for Universal Audio Apollo x8 with passive summing mixer
  • STM = Stereo to Mono: read Documentation or see on Youtube

Do not find your summing mixer? Tell me your DAW Interface Type! Do not find your Gear? Don’t worry! Just inform me about your requirements!


UAD Apollo, Apogee, Arturia, Behringer, Focusrite, M-Audio, Motu, PreSonus, Prism, RME, Roland, SSL, Steinberg, Tascam, OTHER let me know






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