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6 Ch Input Analog Studio Summing Mixer Passive


Desktop 6 Ch Input Summing Mixer Suitable for any 6 channel DAW Interface – Sound card


  • 6 in TRS balanced
  • 2 out TRS balanced
  • 1 x Stereo to 2 Mono on 1/2 stereo input = 2 mono youtube 
  • Build time: 10 business/working weekdays (estimated maximum)
  • Select your Insterface sound card: UAD Apollo | Apogee | Arturia | Behringer | Focusrite | M-Audio | Motu | PreSonus | Prism | RME | Roland | SSL | Steinberg | Tascam | OTHER let me know

You can order different sum bus gain reduction mixer (let me know about your DAW mic preamp gain range) Or Select Reduction: -6,5dB / -10dB / -15dB / -20dB / -25dB (free order)

STM – Stereo to Mono Switch: It provides an extra stable Real Analog Mono Base for your mix (on monos like Kick/Bass/MainVox/Snare and so on), saving precious digital-to-analog (DA) channels (so you don’t waste stereo L/R for a mono instrument), and offers superior separation and 3D depth for the rest of your stereo instruments. This feature turns L/R inputs ‘COMBINED’ (two hard-panned L/R inputs) into an absolutely centered mono signal (1 x stereo to 2 mono).

Routing example:

  • IN 1 = BASS
    IN 2 = KICK
    IN 3/4 (stereo) = REST STEREO
    IN 5/6 (stereo) = REST STEREO

How to connect a summing mixer to the DAW? YOUTUBE

Selected VISHAY DALE military metal-film resistors
In/Out: Stereo Balanced Discrete path
Insertion input resistance: -15dB / -20dB / -25dB (order)
Output impedance 600-1k ohms balanced
Output level: -15 dB nominal (basic setup)
Frequency response: 0-500Khz
Crosstalk 1Khz: -95dB
Signal to Noise rate (SNR): -110dB
TRS wiring: (Tip:HOT/,Ring:COLD/Sleeve:GROUND)
Pure hand made! Hand wired and tested point-to-point!
Laser engraved massive aluminium alloy box


UAD Apollo, Focusrite, Motu, M-Audio, Presonus, Behringer, Roland, Tascam, RME, SSL, Apogee, OTHER




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