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Custom Summing Mixer designed for Apollo X8 -or- X8P 10 inputs 4 outputs balanced analog stereo 


1. In the analog summing mixer, your mix will NEVER collapse (like digital bounce final export)

2. High and wide instrument separation in the panorama field called: Wide Deep 3D Sound.

3. Warm Harmonics: Just crank up your DAW output level (master fader), and you’ll get some nice ‘pleasant’ distortion as you drive the SUMMING INPUTS (SUM BUS) over their nominal level

Why use a  passive summing with UAD Apollo?

  • Because there is a significant ANALOG potential in the Apollo Unison Preamp with a Summing Mixer!

  • It achieves analog mixing principles in a small and affordable way, similar to large and expensive mixing console desks.

  • Furthermore, you can consistently work in analog, whether it’s Mixing or Editing, thanks to the clip-free headroom and wide panorama field provided by the unique designed passive analog summingSIMPLE PHYSICS

uad mic preamp emulation apollo summing mixer
uad mic preamp emulation apollo summing mixer

Custom Unique Name Engraving (let me know)

with +2 direct input on the summing mixer for Apollo monitor out, this you can use as regular monitor (stright through summing) or instrument input with SUM or Monitor switch

DIR SWITCH: You don’t have to unplug In “everyday” work DA out 1/2 (or monitor out) routed directly to the summing mixer (pre production, programming, editing etc) just switch to OUT/DIR mode and you have the stright Input to Output routing.

  • Input: 10 ch TRS 1/4″ Balanced
  • Output:  2xStereo /4 x TRS Balanced L/R (common)
  • 1 x Stereo to 2 Mono on 1/2 stereo input read more…
  • DIR  OUT or SUM mode select monitoring switch on 9/10 input read more…
  • *Equivalent signal on both stereo outputs, 1-8 inputs remains active, you need to mute them from the DAW.
  • **If you need exclusive monitoring please ask the Total Bypass feature…
  • Unique Name engrave (let me know)
  • Build time 10 working weekdays (estimated)

As an audio engineer, I’m always on the lookout for gear that can improve the sound quality of my recordings. Recently, I had the pleasure of testing out the custom passive summing mixer designed for Apollo x8 – x8p by VintageMaker, and I must say I was blown away by the results.

The mixer features 10 inputs and 4 outputs, allowing me to sum multiple channels of audio from my Apollo interface into a stereo mix. The balanced analog signal path provides a warm and natural sound, with excellent clarity and depth.

One of the things I love about this mixer is its simplicity. It’s a passive design, which means there are no active components to introduce noise or coloration. It simply sums the signals together, allowing me to achieve a more cohesive and musical sound.

The build quality of the mixer is excellent, with a sturdy metal chassis and high-quality connectors that feel solid and reliable. The unit is also compact and portable, making it easy to take with me on location recordings or to use in a home studio setup.

Overall, I would highly recommend the custom passive summing mixer designed for Apollo x8 – x8p by VintageMaker to any audio engineer looking to improve the sound quality of their recordings. It’s a fantastic piece of gear that delivers excellent results and is built to last.

Rackmount Summing Mixer for UAD Apollo Focusrite Motu Prism, Antelope Orion and similar sound card interface

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