setting up summing mixer

How to connect a Summing Mixer ? Setting up a summing box  for OTB mix.

How to connect a Summing Mixer to the computer ? Setting up a summing box  for OTB mix

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1. Your mix will NEVER collapse (like digital bounce)
2. Instruments are high-separated, creating a wide and deep 3D sound.
3. WARM HARMONICS: increase your DAW output level, you’ll get a pleasing distortion by pushing the SUMMING INPUTS

Does analog summing make a difference?   Here is the answer:  read more…

Signal flow in order: DAW OUT – SUMMING – DAW  REC

  1. DAW stems
  2. DA converter (outputs)
  3. Summing mixer (inputs)
  4. Stereo mix from the summing mixer (outputs)
  5. AD converter (inputs)
  6. DAW (rec)


  1. DAW out 1Left /2Right —- SUM input 1Left /2Right
  2. DAW out 3Left /4Right —- SUM input 3Left /4Right
  3. DAW out 5Left /6Right —- SUM input 5Left /6Right
  4. DAW out 7Left /8Right —- SUM input 7Left /8Right

Basic simple STEREO setup (example) for stereo instruments
1/2: Bass/Drums
3/4: Vocals
5/6: Guitars
7/8: Keys/Effects

4 – 8 – 16 Channel DAW – SUM Routing Examples –   read more…

Example for a Summing Mixer with Stereo to Mono input conversion switch: 

1: Mono Kick
2: Mono Bass
3/4: Snare, hats some percs > stereo
5/6: Percs\toms\synth blips etc. > stereo
7/8: Synths\Effects\pads\Guitars\Piano\Vocals etc > stereo 

Read more about mono switch docs…

Detailed description – Connect a summing mixer – Setup your DAW Interface Routing for 4 – 8 – 16 channel session examples –  read more…

how to connect analog summing mixer

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