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32×16 Analog Studio Instrument Switch Signal Line Patchbay DSUB Tascam


Stereo Balanced Passive Line Selector Studio Standard High quality Instrument Signal Switch – Discrete Signal Path – Pure Analog BI-Directional Patchbay

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Balanced stereo selector passive studio instrument switch patchbay – Analog pure path signal, discrete high-quality standard.

The Stereo Balanced Passive Line Selector by Studio Standard is a pinnacle of high-quality instrument signal switching, designed to meet the exacting standards of studio professionals and audio enthusiasts. With a commitment to maintaining a pristine audio signal, this selector boasts a discrete signal path, ensuring that the integrity of the audio remains uncompromised.

Crafted for versatility, it supports both pure analog BI-Directional signal flow, offering the flexibility of either 32 inputs and 16 outputs or 16 inputs to 32 outputs. This adaptability makes it an indispensable tool in a studio setup, allowing users to effortlessly route signals in accordance with their specific needs.

The emphasis on a passive design ensures transparency and minimal coloration of the audio, making it an ideal solution for critical recording and mixing applications. The Patchbay functionality further enhances its utility, providing a seamless interface for connecting and reconfiguring multiple audio sources and destinations.

Whether you’re a seasoned studio professional or a dedicated audiophile, the Studio Standard Stereo Balanced Passive Line Selector stands out as a testament to precision engineering and dedication to audio excellence, promising an unparalleled signal selection experience in the realm of high-quality audio equipment.


8 XLR IN – 2 XLR OUT, 2 XLR IN – 8 XLR OUT, 8 TRS IN – 2 TRS OUT, 2 TRS IN – 8 TRS OUT, 8 XLR IN – 2 TRS OUT, 2 XLR IN – 8 TRS OUT, 8 TRS IN – 2 XLR OUT, 2 TRS IN – 8 XLR OUT, 8 DSUB IN – 2 TRS OUT, 8 DSUB IN – 2 XLR OUT, OTHER – let me know


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