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Custom Unique Studio Instrument Switcher 8 In – 8 Out + 2 +2 Out


Custom Instrument Switcher


1U Standard Rack unit
8 in TRS 4L / 4R Balanced ABCD
8 out TRS 4L / 4R Balanced ABCD
8 in TRS hard wired to 8 out TRS
ABCD in corresponds to ABCD out
4 x Stereo to Mono Switch on ABCD ins
4 x ON/OFF routing switch ABCD for Monitors
2 Monitor out TRS balanced
2 Monitor out XLR balanced

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Custom Instrument Switcher Idea – NEXGEN MUSIC GROUP, LLC

Customer says: Hi Paul, I need a Passive instrument switching device that can provide 8 mono inputs or 4 stereo pairs (1/4” TRS) directly routed to 8 mono outputs or 4 stereo pairs (1/4” TRS) as through channels, HOWEVER, can also be switched and simultaneously routed to an additional 4 mono outputs or 2 stereo pairs (1/4” XLR/TRS Combo) used as independent/main outs.

The use case is that we have a rack of analogue synths which each have their own outputs (some mono, some are stereo) going into a dedicated sound card, A/D convertor which is routed through trough the main studio speaker setup. However, we also have the need to play and audition these synths using separate standalone monitor speakers when the main studio is not active, so we need the ability to switch between using standalone speakers for auditioning while maintaining the instruments static connections to the sound card.


8 XLR IN – 2 XLR OUT, 2 XLR IN – 8 XLR OUT, 8 TRS IN – 2 TRS OUT, 2 TRS IN – 8 TRS OUT, 8 XLR IN – 2 TRS OUT, 2 XLR IN – 8 TRS OUT, 8 TRS IN – 2 XLR OUT, 2 TRS IN – 8 XLR OUT, 8 DSUB IN – 2 TRS OUT, 8 DSUB IN – 2 XLR OUT, OTHER – let me know


YES (let me know), NO THANKS




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