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8-Ch Front Side Connection Summing Box with Inserts

Analog Summing Mixer with Front Side-Panel Connectors



Analog Summing Mixer with Front Side-Panel Connectors

This summing mixer with front panel connectors was built to the customer’s individual request.
‘I don’t know if it’s an option, but i was thinking for my setup it would be great if it’s possible to build the LittleOne 8×2 into a 19″ rack version and bring the inputs (TRS) and outputs (TRS) to the front (so I don’t have to patch it up).’

STM – Stereo to Mono Switch: Gives a stable Real Analog Mono Base for key elements like Kick, Bass, Main Vox, and Snare. Save digital channels and enhance separation with a simple switch, achieving a centered mono signal for hard-panned L/R inputs. Easily toggle for stereo instruments or maintain a fully stereo mix with panning options from your DAW.

Master Insert Send Return Switches: Enables sending the master stereo L/R signal to external processors like EQ, compressor, or limiter, or a Preamp like Focusrite ISA and then returning it to the master output for printing or recording. The ‘Master SND/RET’ is placed before the master out, with 100% of the signal routed to the send.

The system requires two stereo switches for signal isolation and control: The first switch enables sending to external processors (routes the master to SND). The second switch enables the return from external processors (routes the return to the master out).

Variable Headroom Gain Switch: It provides a wide gain-volume range for different applications, offers gain stages between various microphone preamps or DAW interface inputs, and accommodates various source inputs, such as synthesizers or DAWs. Placed after passive SUM BUS (passive mixer) determines main out (total) gain reduction – for different (pre amps) applications – gain stage – volume range. You have a great opportunity to experiment with different gain reductions and determine what sounds better for your mix: 1. Whether it’s with fewer input signals and more amplification. 2. Or the other way around, with more signals and less amplification. Benefits: You can overdrive the summing inputs with different gains to achieve more saturation and warm harmonics.

Frequency Response (Passive Section) +0, -0.1dB from 10Hz to 30kHz
Maximum level > +28dBu • Noise floor < -94.5dBu 22Hz-22kHz bandwidth
THD+N < 0.004% • IMD < 0.004%
Crosstalk rejection (Passive Section) > 110dB

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Build time: 15 Working Weekdays after cleared payment

Selected Studio grade VISHAY DALE military metal-film resistors
In/Out: Stereo Balanced Discrete path
Insertion input resistance: -15dB / -20dB / -25dB (order)
Output impedance 600 -1k ohms balanced
Frequency response: 0-500Khz
Crosstalk 1Khz: -95dB
Signal to Noise rate (SNR): -110dB
TRS wiring: (Tip:HOT/,Ring:COLD/Sleeve:GROUND)
Pure hand made! Hand wired and tested point-to-point!
Laser engraved massive aluminium alloy box

I can say that the Analog Summing Mixer with Front Side Connection can be a great convenience for the user.

It eliminates the need for patching, making it easier to connect and disconnect audio sources. However, it is important to ensure that the placement of these connectors does not negatively impact the audio signal path

The quality of the components used and the design of the summing circuitry are still crucial factors in determining the audio quality of the mixer. It is also important to keep in mind that custom-built equipment may come with a higher price tag, but can provide unique features and functionality tailored to the user’s specific needs.


UAD Apollo, Apogee, Arturia, Antelope, Behringer, Focusrite, M-Audio, Motu, PreSonus, Prism, RME, Roland, SSL, Steinberg, Tascam, External Preamp – let me know, OTHER – let me know


-6/-16dB, -10/-20dB, -15/-25dB, -20/-30dB


PREAMP – type?, COMPRESSOR – type?, LIMITER – type?, CHANNEL STRIP – type?, EQUALIZER – type?, EFFECT PROCESSOR – type?, OTHER – let me know


YES (let me know), NO THANKS




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