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32×16 Studio Line Level Instrument Switch Signal Selector Patchbay DSUB Tascam


Stereo Balanced Passive Line Level Signal Selector Studio Standard High quality Instrument Signal Switch – Discrete Signal Path – Pure Analog Switch Patchbay

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Balanced stereo selector passive studio instrument switch patchbay – Analog pure path signal, discrete high-quality standard.

The Tascam Balanced 32×16 Studio Switching Signal Line Selector DSUB Switcher is a robust audio routing solution tailored for professional studios. With its 32 input sources and 16 output destinations, it streamlines signal flow during recording, mixing, and mastering. The switcher maintains audio fidelity with its passive design, ensuring minimal impact on signal quality. DSUB connectors add efficiency, reducing cable clutter while simplifying the studio’s wiring.

VintageMaker is a trusted name in the audio industry, brings its expertise to this reliable and high-performance switcher. Its compact design and the capability to transmit multiple signals over a single cable make DSUB connectors a practical choice. In demanding studio environments, this switcher proves indispensable for audio engineers and producers, providing a durable and efficient solution for their signal routing needs.


8 XLR IN – 2 XLR OUT, 2 XLR IN – 8 XLR OUT, 8 TRS IN – 2 TRS OUT, 2 TRS IN – 8 TRS OUT, 8 XLR IN – 2 TRS OUT, 2 XLR IN – 8 TRS OUT, 8 TRS IN – 2 XLR OUT, 2 TRS IN – 8 XLR OUT, 8 DSUB IN – 2 TRS OUT, 8 DSUB IN – 2 XLR OUT, OTHER – let me know


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