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10-In 2-Way Analog Studio Switch 3-position rotary select switches


Custom Instrument Switcher


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Introducing the 10-In 2-Way Analog Studio Switch, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize your audio recording and production setup. This versatile switch offers unprecedented control over your studio environment, enhancing workflow efficiency and audio precision.

With its ten input channels and two-way switching capability, this device empowers musicians, producers, and sound engineers to seamlessly alternate between multiple audio sources. Whether you’re tracking instruments, vocals, or various sound sources, the 10-In 2-Way Analog Studio Switch provides unparalleled flexibility.

The robust construction ensures durability, making it suitable for both professional studios and home setups. Its intuitive interface allows for swift and straightforward operation, simplifying the complex task of managing multiple inputs. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually swapping cables or adjusting settings; the studio switch streamlines the process with precision and ease.

Moreover, the device features advanced signal processing technology, minimizing signal degradation and maintaining the integrity of your audio. This results in pristine sound quality throughout your recording or production session.

Upgrade your studio experience with the 10-In 2-Way Analog Studio Switch – the indispensable tool for those seeking efficiency, versatility, and uncompromised audio performance in their creative endeavors. Elevate your sound, and take command of your studio like never before.


8 XLR IN – 2 XLR OUT, 2 XLR IN – 8 XLR OUT, 8 TRS IN – 2 TRS OUT, 2 TRS IN – 8 TRS OUT, 8 XLR IN – 2 TRS OUT, 2 XLR IN – 8 TRS OUT, 8 TRS IN – 2 XLR OUT, 2 TRS IN – 8 XLR OUT, 8 DSUB IN – 2 TRS OUT, 8 DSUB IN – 2 XLR OUT, OTHER – let me know


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