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Vintage White Neumann Limited Edition

White Summing mixer?

Yeah. Why not? This is the first white summing mixer since 2010.

Why haven’t you made it so far? The question is legitimate.

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The time has come to make a white painted summing mixer. I received many hundreds of requests since 2010′ for different front panel colour. There have been attempts at other colors, but in terms of durability the powder coated black with laser engraving was the winner.

I do not plan mass production white or different colour summing mixers. Simply because of sensitive painting, circumstantial uv printed acrylic paint (labelling).

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vintage white summing mixer

Then why did I make it?
The question is simple. At the long request of a very nice returning customer – he has been asking for years the Vintage White design.

IMG 20210831 140147

IMG 0038 1

Well then let’s see the configuration.

DAW Interface: 2 x Antelope ORION 32+ | GEN 3

2U Rack Unit 40 Input Summing Mixer
Neumann v475-2B NOS transformer amp read more…
32 Input DSUB / DB25 Tascam Standard Analog Balanced
8 input TRS 1/4″ Balanced
3 x Stereo out: 2 x XLR balanced + 1 x Stereo TRS balanced
4 x Stereo to 8 Mono input conversion switch read more…
Master Active/Passive 2in1 feature by switch read more…
Master Insert Send/Return by switches read more…
Bi-Directional Insert SEND routing by 3 x 2 position switches
Bi-Directional Insert RETURN routing by 3 x 2 position switches
2 x 21 Step precision Neumann master gain control L/R

Active/Passive – Insert Send/return switches – bi-directional insert return

A/P switch insert and bi-directional insert return
A/P switch insert and bi-directional insert

21 step Precision Neumann master gain control with vintage style black knobs

precision gain control

4 x stereo to 8 mono and bi-directional insert send

IMG 0027

Rear side

IMG 0051

bi-directional insert send return

IMG 0058

32 input dsub – 8 input trs balanced

IMG 0056

1 x Stereo TRS – 2 x Stereo XLR output

IMG 0061

Here my thoughts:
Looks good, nice colour, unique look
relative low durability of uv printed acrylic paint, sensitive surface
The black paint is extremly durable with laser engraving. There are very good looking units built in 2010, without any without surface scratches.

ps. the sound is amazing 🙂

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