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Summing Mixer for UAD Apollo 8P – X6 Thunderbolt 3

apollo x6 with summing mixer

Custom Summing Mixer for Apollo x6 

Expand your UAD Apollo x6 / 8P Unison preamps with a real analog summing mixer designed for Your studio

LittleOne 8 channel input analog summing mixer Apollo x6 - 8p

SUM BUS  -20dB reduction designed for Apollo Unison preamps. This value gives your best SNR (signal to noise ratio) and prominent Headroom.

benefits of summing mixer headroom analog vs digital


299 + shipping   I  ORDER  I 

8 TRS  input / 4 TRS output summing mixer with 1 x Stereo to 2  Mono with Direct (out) Monitoring switch designed for Universal Audio UAD Apollo x6 / 6x interface Unison Preamps

Dual balanced discrete stereo signal path

  • Input: 8 ch TRS 1/4″ Balanced
  • Output:  4 x TRS Balanced L/R (common)
  • 1 x Stereo to 2 Mono on 1/2 stereo input read more…
  • Direct OUT or SUM Mode select monitoring switch input 7/8 read more…
  • *Equivalent signal on both stereo outputs, 1-6 inputs remains active, you need to mute them from the DAW.
  • **If you need exclusive monitoring please ask the Total Bypass feature…
  • Unique Name engrave (let me know)
  • Build time 8 working weekdays (estimated)

2 thoughts on “Summing Mixer for UAD Apollo 8P – X6 Thunderbolt 3”

  1. Bought a Little One 16 TRS and tried it out over the last few days. I am very happy with the results so far on my drum mixes. I am using it Apollo X6 sometimes with Harrison Mixbus, BLA modified MOTU interfaces, and BLA Auteur Preamp. This combo has really improved my mixes. I am another satisfied customer of Vintagemaker Paul! I’ll be placing my order for a powered summing mixer from him in the future that is for sure!

  2. After hooking up the summing device to my UAD Apollo, i was really impressed by the warmth of the lower frequencies and how separated and touchable warm the full roughmix got. I didn´t touch anything, just send them out!!!
    I recorded this testrun as stereofile and bounced it out of the daw & compared it on some different systems. Another mix is done in the meanwhile on 2 Mono-Outs and 2 Stereo-Outs, the transpareny of the sound goes now even deeper into soundspectre & the stereo panorama is more defined.
    Compared to the ITB-Mix, I get the impression it gets more audible stereo positions. Especially when you think of full pan positions or just right out of the middle. They are now represented clearly defined, not just somewhere…

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