Multi–Bus Compression

Sub Group Neumann summing for Multi–Bus Compression technique

6-BUS Sub Group Summing for Multi–Bus Compression

Sub Group Neumann summing for Multi–Bus Compression


A subgroup, also referred to as an aux group

aux track, aux bus, sub bus, or Group Channel, serves as an auxiliary channel within your DAW’s mixer. It’s a temporary destination for the selected tracks before they reach the master output (often called the stereo output, master bus, master track, or 2-bus).

Subgroups provide the means to control the volume of multiple tracks collectively

all while preserving their relative balance. A single fader adjustment achieves this, and they also offer the convenience of applying processing to all these tracks at once.N

Sub Group Neumann summing for Multi–Bus Compression
                                                                                           24 input 6 sub group summing mixer

Why Use Subgroups?

Subgroups trace their roots back to analog mixing consoles, where they were hardware-based components integrated into the mixer, offering a fixed number of available subgroups. In modern DAWs, their utilization is far more adaptable. You can generate as many subgroups as required, and the added flexibility allows you to route one subgroup into another, offering increased control and creativity.

This Neumann mixer has six (6) sub-mixers (ABCDEF) with dedicated inputs. Each sub-mixer group comes with an individual insert send/return for external processing, which then returns to the Master for the final summing.

24 dsub input channel
                                                                                               6 x stereo group send mixer
Sub group is a set of tracks together

whatever audio tracks you’d like to group in a submix, create an aux track and then route to the main outputs or to post insert TRS, second mixer like Chandler then return via XLR to main master sum through Neumann transformers.

routing diagram sub group studio mixer summing
                                                                                          signal flow Neumann summing mixer
Setup – Sub Group Neumann summing for Multi–Bus Compression

2U Standard Rack unit
Neumann v475-2C NOS
24 input DSUB Tascam Analog balanced
2 x Stereo out TRS balanced (Main / Monitor)
1-4 Group A Send/Return by switch via DSUB
5-8 Group B Send/Return by switch via DSUB
9-12 Group C Send/Return by switch via DSUB
13-16 Group D Send/Return by switch via DSUB
17-20 Group E Send/Return by switch via DSUB
21-24 Group F Send/Return by switch via DSUB
12 x TRS out 6 stereo (post group insert out)
6 x Routing switch post group insert:
On = Out to ABCDEF TRS out
Multi Master Insert SND/RET DSUB switch A/B
Master 2in1 Active/Passive switch
12 x stereo to 24 mono input conversion switch
Aux Input to Master sum XLR balanced L/R
2 x 21 step precision Neumann master gain ctrl L/R
White cream vintage style knobs
World Wide PSU with EU plug
Power LED: White
Custom Name Engraving


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