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8-Ch Summing Mixer TRS Stereo Master Insert Send/Return


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Do not find your summing mixer? Tell me your DAW Interface Type! Ask to build Yours!

Boost your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Interface by integrating a genuine Analog Summing Mixer, getting a rich 3D analog-console-esque audio experience. Improve your studio setup with a top-tier, balanced, high-fidelity signal path for warmth and studio-grade quality.

Build time: 10 Working Weekdays after cleared payment

This summing box mixer unit is suitable for connecting synthesizers, samplers, and rhythm boxes, and then routing the combined output to a preamplifier for master processing.

Master Insert Send Return Switch
Allows to SEND master stereo L/R signal to external processors like EQ, Comp, Limiter, then RETURN to master out (print / record) Master SND/RET placed before master out
100% of the signal routed to SEND
1st switch: enable Send to external (route master to SND)
2nd switch: enable Return from external (route return to master out)

STM = Stereo to Mono: read Documentation or see on Youtube 

Selected VISHAY DALE military metal-film resistors
In/Out: Stereo Balanced Discrete path
Insertion input resistance: -15dB / -20dB / -25dB (order)
Output impedance 600-1k ohms balanced
Frequency response: 0-500Khz
Crosstalk 1Khz: -95dB
Signal/ Noise rate: -110dB
TRS wiring: (Tip:HOT/,Ring:COLD/Sleeve:GROUND)
Pure hand made! Hand wired and tested point-to-point!
Laser engraved massive aluminium alloy box


UAD Apollo, Apogee, Arturia, Behringer, Focusrite, M-Audio, Motu, PreSonus, Prism, RME, Roland, SSL, Steinberg, Tascam, OTHER let me know






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